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3rd Masseur Accuses John Travolta of Abuse; Claims the Actor Forced Him to Repeatedly Watch ‘Old Dogs’

Following allegations by two masseurs who say actor John Travolta sexually assaulted them, a third masseur has now come forward accusing the actor of even more horrifying abuse, claiming he was forced repeatedly against his will to watch Travolta’s 2009 flop, “Old Dogs.”

According to the alleged victim, 30-year-old Sebastian Ziering, he was hired after Travolta worked his way alphabetically through the 2,000-plus other male masseuses listed in the Los Angeles phonebook.

john travolta

John Travolta, moments before he allegedly forced masseuse Sebastian Ziering to repeatedly watch "Old Dogs."

“When I got the call from Mr. Travolta asking if I was available to come to the Beverly Hills Hotel, I jumped at the chance,” Ziering told told Hollywood & Swine.  ”I was excited to finally get my chance to rub down those legendary hamstrings from ‘Saturday Night Fever.’”

But Ziering claims the massage session quickly took a turn for the worse when Travolta told him to reach under the towel wrapped around his waist, claiming he had a surprise for him.

“I did as he requested and that’s when I felt it,” Ziering said.  ”Mr. Travolta starting yelling at me to ‘stick it in.’  I removed the DVD of ‘Old Dogs’ from his towel and stuck it in the DVD player in the room just like he asked.  Not only did I have to suffer through the movie five times, but I was also forced to watch the  director’s commentary and the bonus features on the DVD.”

Ziering says he made a daring escape out the hotel room’s window when Travolta left him alone for a few moments, as the actor went into the next room to get his copy of “Wild Hogs,” which he planned to force Ziering to watch.

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