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Actor Richard Grieco Discovered Living In Storage Unit On Episode of ‘Storage Wars’

The cast and crew of A&E’s hit reality show, “Storage Wars,” were shocked this morning to find Former ’80s heartthrob Richard Grieco living inside an abandoned storage unit opened during the filming of an upcoming episode.  The former “21 Jump Street” star has been residing for over a year inside the unit, which was recently put up for auction after Grieco failed to pay the rent.

richard grieco

Former ’80s star Richard Grieco, shortly after waking up from a nap that was interrupted by the cast and crew of “Storage Wars.”

According to the rules of “Storage Wars,” where numerous collectors bid on abandoned storage units, anything inside one, even a washed up TV actor, belongs to the winning bidder.  In the case of Grieco’s unit, one of the show’s most popular personalities, Barry Weiss, came in with the winning bid of $250.  Weiss immediately loaded Grieco into his truck and took him to a local Hollywood pawn shop to have him appraised.

Unfortunately for Weiss, well-known pawn shop owner Elliott Salter was less than impressed with the out-of-date Grieco.

“If this was a 1989 Richard Grieco in mint condition, maybe he would be worth some money,” said Salter.  “Unfortunately, this Grieco’s seen better days.”

Grieco was hoping to revive his acting career, which dried up in the early ’90s, by making a cameo in this year’s hit comedy “21 Jump Street,” starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, but the call from producers never came.

“I’m so glad Johnny Depp got to make a cameo in the ’21 Jump Street’ remake,” said a bitter Grieco.  “That guy really needed the work.”

After Salter offered $25 for Grieco, Weiss decided to keep Grieco for his own private collection which includes actor Corey Feldman, whom he’s owned since discovering him living inside a storage unit he bought three years ago.

  • angie

    The photomontage is horrible and all this text is completely false you do not realize the répercution on the family or the person by telling such stories(trouble)!!

    • Kevin

      Repercution? Do you frequently switch to french in the middle of a sentence or do you just not know how to spell?

      • Dorkus Americanus

        Evere heard of spelcheque, Kevin?

        • Kellie M

          I’m not Kevin but I’ll respond…no, but I have heard of spell check.

  • Angie

    The photomontage is horrible and all this text is completely false you do not realize the répercution on the family or the person by telling such stories!!

    • John Baker

      Apparently it was lost on you that this is a parody site. Film critics aren’t really calling in sick to avoid Adam Sandler movies, either.

      • UnfunnyWebsitesSayWhat?

        Aren’t parody sites supposed to be funny though?

        Given that this one very much isn’t, as clearly proven by the piece above, one could be forgiven for mistaking it for something else, or just not getting the (supposed) joke.

  • Hammonddog

    This faux article is not funny. It’s just sad. Stick to Taylor Kitsch stories.

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  • Lori Lee

    Slow gossip day…

  • Jenny


  • Thomas F. Sutton

    I’m an actor living in LA. I’m from the same hometown and high school as Richard Grieco. I understand this is a parody site but just for people who might not get that Richard Grieco is doing just fine. We have the same voice-over agent, and he does Nissan commercials.

    Parody site or not, people from Watertown, New York have each others back.

    Ted Sutton

    • BbqKing

      Actor huh, never heard of you nor are you posted anywhere on the internet as an actor or even a voice over actor. Are you sure you’re not confusing yourself with someone else?

      • Kellie M

        You didn’t look very hard. It took a 2 second google search to find his imdb, wiki and personal website.

        • BbqKing

          That’s not the same Tom, jeesh! Are there two DIFFERENT GOOGLES? SMH

          • BbqKing

            Post the link, MY GOOGLE doesn’t show this dude anywhere! The Tom you are seeing is not the same dude you smart a$$.

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  • TheOtherOtherWhiteMeat

    Butthurt, Butthurt, Butthurt, Its a joke people.

  • Suzanne

    You know something NOT FUNNY. There are so many people homeless and struggling right now. At 53, healthy, and collage educated, I am very seriously researching living in a VW van in Hawaii renting parking in someones drive way over night. We are struggling in CA right now just to pay rent on a tiny studio in Walnut Creek 1500.00 a month. I am actually applying to work at Mc Donald’s so I can get Medical coverage as now I have found a lump in my neck. As I read this I really felt sad to think that, that could have happened to him and hoped that he would be ok. For many people this is a realty, this their life, and very fearful indeed.

    • Dorkus Americanus

      I’m sorry that your collage education didn’t pan out for you. Perhaps you should have studied photomontage instead.

  • globalfacts

    only in america people are forced into living in such a horrid conditions yet they still believe they are the best.

    • Kellie M

      Apparently you don’t get satire.

    • hyperactivebrad

      another foreigner who doesn’t understand humor. Another reason we run the Entertainment world. along with the fact that we Invented EVERYTHING. yeah, that thing your are typing stupidly, and sending out to another thing we invented called the INTERNET and posting your stupidity on a site we also invented. .I could go on for days, but you get the point

  • Thomas H

    Everybody knows that Grieco is doing fine, Ted. Calm yourself down.

  • grieco monster

    hysterical!!!! almost peed my pants reading this!!

  • hyperactivebrad

    I remember Richard when he was a Bartender at the Palladium in NY City. looong time ago