Adam Sandler’s Dog Sells Pitch to Sony

Following in the footsteps of Adam Sandler’s wife, who recently sold a script to Sony Pictures, Sandler’s bulldog, Matzoball, has sold the comedy pitch, “Next in Line,” to the same studio for high six figures.  The project, which will be directed by Dennis Dugan and produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison, has been fast-tracked.

“Next in Line,” is the story of a bulldog who inherits millions of dollars from his owner and then has to contend with the owner’s greedy nephew, who wants the inheritance for himself.  Studio execs, who spoke off the record, say that Sandler is considering playing the nephew, as long as the shooting schedule allows him plenty of time for playing basketball in the afternoon.

“We love being in the Adam Sandler business,” Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal said after making the deal.  “Look at how well ‘Bucky Larson’ turned out. I’ll buy anything from anybody who even remotely has anything to do with Adam.  Later today, I’m listening to a pitch from his gardener.”

Matzoball, who’s repped by CAA, was not available for comment.

  • mark

    so i guess Jeff B will get clean up after Matzoball now too? i imagine it is a pretty similar process to cleaning up after Adam…