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Angry Over ‘The Master,’ Scientologists Mistakenly Target the Wrong Paul Anderson

Just weeks after news that the Church of Scientology “auditioned” numerous women for the role of Tom Cruise’s third wife, comes word of more embarrassment for the embattled church. Thousands of Scientologists, angry over Paul Thomas Anderson’s just-opened “The Master,” which is inspired by the early days of Scientology, mistakenly picketed theaters playing “Resident Evil: Retribution,” directed by the other Paul Anderson — Paul W.S. Anderson.

Roger Goodson, a Scientologist who, along with his wife, Lorraine, spent 36 hours this past weekend picketing the wrong movie.

“When I heard Paul Anderson was directing a movie about Scientology, I naturally assumed it was ‘Resident Evil: Retribution,’ ” said Roger Goodson, a Scientologist who, along with his wife, Lorraine, spent 36 hours this past weekend picketing the wrong movie.  ”And I definitely thought it was the right movie after I found out it had mindless zombies in it.”

Upon learning of thousands of Scientologists mistakenly protesting his film “Resident Evil: Retribution,” which was the highest-grossing film this weekend, director Paul W.S. Anderson said he was extremely flattered.

“This is probably the only time in my life I’ll ever be confused for an Oscar-nominated filmmaker,” Anderson told Hollywood & Swine.  ”I only hope that Academy voters make the same mistake.”

According to Scientology insiders, the church is furious over the “Resident Evil” fiasco, especially after all its members earlier this year were required to attend a seminar on how to avoid misunderstandings after fellow Scientologist John Travolta was sued repeatedly for sexual harassment.

“The lesson was you should never assume anything, particularly about your masseur’s sexual orientation,” Travolta told Hollywood & Swine.

  • http://www.FilmmakingStuff.com Jason Brubaker

    This made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LVC4FI2HLTSEM4T7JQAL722HJU Doug

    LOL great article. This only reinforces the robotic servitude the scientologists are accused of. How do you confuse The Master with Resident Evil? I understand the directors names are similar but WOW!!

    • Thor

      The article is clearly a satire, I think your post reinforces your ability to accept crazy things about people who are different from you. All hail Xenu.

  • Matthew

    I thought this was real for a second, but then saw the clearly photoshopped signs they were holding.

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