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Angus T. Jones Turns to Charlie Sheen For Help on Getting Kicked Off ‘Two and a Half Men’

After failing to get fired from “Two and a Half Men” after publicly trashing the hit sitcom in which he co-stars, Angus T. Jones has turned to the only person who has successfully been kicked off the ratings powerhouse for advice: former co-star Charlie Sheen.  In a late night meeting at a Los Angeles strip club, Jones, who yesterday pleaded with audiences to stop watching the show because of its filth, met with Sheen to work out a game plan to force his boss, producer Chuck Lorre, to fire him.

Charlie Sheen

Angus T. Jones met with former co-star Charlie Sheen in an L.A. strip club to work out a game plan to force his boss, producer Chuck Lorre, to fire him off “Two and a Half Men.”

“What most people don’t realize is ‘Two and a Half Men’ is a really tough show to get fired from,” Sheen told Hollywood & Swine.  “I got arrested for domestic violence and had a porn star lock herself in my hotel bathroom, but not even that worked.  But, like I told Angus last night, when all us fails, do what I did and have a psychotic breakdown on national television.”

Sheen applauded Jones for his creative attempt at getting fired from “Two and a Half Men,” admitting it never occurred to him to trash the show on the grounds of morality.  Sheen even asked his “Scary Movie 5” co-star Lindsay Lohan, whom he recently gave one hundred thousand dollars to help her pay her IRS bill, to give Jones some advice.

“For me, jail time usually does the trick when I want to get fired off a project,” Lohan admitted.

Although, Jones was grateful for both Sheen’s and Lohan’s advice, he came up with a new strategy to get out off the show, convincing Chuck Lorre to hire the cast and writers of the failed CBS sitcom, “Partners,” which he believes will kill the show’s ratings and finally get “Two and a Half Men” cancelled.

Jones also revealed his future career plans once he escapes from “Two and a Half Men.”  According to Jones, he is in negotiations with former-child star and fellow Christian, Kirk Cameron, to team up in a sitcom on the Christian Broadcasting Network, entitled “What Would Jesus Do?”

  • Esteban Martinez

    No,no,no… Angus is fated to star in the next “The new adventures of B-b-b-b-b-b-Bibleman”

  • Tharris Nogaud

    The original post is awesome & hilarious! Thank You!

  • Hilda Martin

    A Christian in a strip joint…WOW

  • Ani

    Wow this article is alll made up. I know for a fact non of this happened. Or they are thinking those plans AND THAT PICTURE IS MADE UP. Where can you find some real media these days.

    • Anna

      If you are searching for some real media, this ain’t it! It’s a parody site! Geez people, are you really that “not smart” or are you just pretending?

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        It might be their first time to the site. I was caught off gaurd too until I noticed all of the articles are jacked up. It’s funny now .. 🙂

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    This was funny.