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Anne Hathaway’s Husband Begs Her to Stop Practicing Oscar Acceptance Speech

Adam Shulman, the husband of Best Supporting Actress nominee Anne Hathaway, has informed his wife that he will file for divorce if she keeps making him listen to her Academy Award acceptance speech any longer.  But Hathaway insists the practice is necessary in order to make her impending Oscar acceptance speech for her “Les Miserables” performance, not only memorable, but also feel spontaneous and humble to everyone watching.

Anne Hathaway

In the kitchen of their home, Anne Hathaway clutches a carrot, pretending it’s an Oscar statuette, as she practices her Academy Award speech in front of her husband, Adam Shulman.

“In one version, she pretends to pass out because she’s so stunned she actually won,” Shulman told Hollywood & Swine.  “In another version, she asks the other nominees to join her on stage, so she can share her Oscar with them.  She’s also been rushed to the hospital twice, after getting dehydrated from practicing fake crying too much.”

Shulman, who married Hathaway last September, estimates he’s heard his wife practice her speech over 1,256 times since their wedding because she has been so confident about her chances of winning the award for Best Supporting Actress.  Shulman claims his wife even got furious with him on the morning of January 10th, when he interrupted Hathaway practicing her acceptance speech to inform her that she had in fact been nominated for an Oscar.

“Anne even makes me wake her up in the middle of night by shouting her name, to help her perfect looking surprised when her name is announced on Oscar night,” Shulman said.  “I tried to humble her by showing her some of her less Oscar caliber performances like ‘Bride Wars,’ and ‘Valentine’s Day,’ but it didn’t seem to work.”

Hathaway, who is also practicing interrupting Daniel Day Lewis’ best actor acceptance speech in order to thank anyone she forgot during her spontaneous acceptance speech, says the last thing she wants is a divorce.  Luckily, before marrying Shulman she made him sign an iron-clad prenuptial agreement which guaranteed that in the case of a divorce settlement Hathaway would keep the Oscar she knew she would eventually win for “Les Miserables.”

  • steverino

    she shouldn’t win for 5 minutes of sob singing!

  • Dom_Greenleaf


  • ha

    you sure thats a carrot shes practicing with 0.o

  • JustAnnePG

    THIS IS HORRIBLE WRITING ! ! Just a way for you to get started writing for the business, BUT ON THE WRONG SIDE—can’t you write from compassion instead of writing cr_p?

  • Andrew Kinamore

    Anne DID win an Oscar, of course. She’s so cocky, poor Adam must be furious with the woman.