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Beverly Hilton Staff to Boycott Working At Golden Globes After ‘The Butler’ Gets Snubbed

The entire staff of the Beverly Hilton Hotel has informed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that they will be boycotting working at the Golden Globes award show after “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” failed to receive a single nomination.  According to Jose Ruiz, a waiter at the hotel, he and his fellow employees decided on the boycott after listening to the Golden Globe nominations in the kitchen at 5 A.M. this morning while preparing breakfast for their hotel guests’ room service orders.

the butler 2

“I haven’t connected with a film on an emotional level like ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler,’ since Ryan Reynolds starred in the comedy, ‘Waiting,’ ” Ruiz told Hollywood & Swine.  “Just wait until the Hollywood Foreign Press has to get their own champagne so they can get drunk enough to make it through Lena Dunham’s acceptance speech.  Then they will realize why ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ was such an important film.”

Upon hearing about the Beverly Hilton boycott, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association immediately lashed out against Ruiz and his colleagues, pointing out that once again they nominated “Downton Abbey” the critically-acclaimed PBS drama which follows the lives of servants in early 20th century England and if needed will fly in servers from London to wait on movie and television stars for the January 12th award show.

In related news, Oprah Winfrey, who is still reeling over her Golden Globe nomination snub for “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” has come out in support of the Beverly Hilton hotel employees’ boycott.  She has even told Ruiz and his coworkers that if hotel management fires them for their act of protest, she’ll personally hire all 357 employees to work in her $85 million Santa Barbara mansion.