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Bill Murray Crashes Newlyweds’ Honeymoon Night; Forces Them to Watch ‘Monuments Men’

On the heels of crashing a couple’s engagement photos last week, movie star Bill Murray is being accused of taking his unpredictable behavior too far after showing up at the hotel room of a newlywed couple on their honeymoon night and forcing them watch his critically-panned World War II epic, “Monuments Men.”

According to the newlyweds, Doug and Wendy Penn, although they had heard of Murray ‘s long history of showing up uninvited to everything from a bachelor party to a kickball game, they never expected to see the “Groundhog Day” star show up at the honeymoon suite of the Branson, MO. La Quinta hotel where they were staying.

“I don’t understand how Murray doesn’t have time to make ‘Ghostbusters 3’ but he has plenty of time to show up places uninvited,” Doug Penn told Hollywood & Swine.  “Fortunately, even Bill Murray couldn’t sit through all of ‘Monuments Men,’ so he left midway through and my wife and I got to be alone again.”

Before forcing them to watch the George Clooney directed drama, Murray, in his classic unpredictable fashion, silently sat in the corner watching the newlyweds make love for over an hour.

“Then suddenly, he climbed in between us in bed, with a crazy look in his eyes and that’s when I knew things were going to take a turn for the worse,” Penn said. “And I was right. He picked up the remote control and ordered ‘Monuments Men’ on pay-per-view.”

In related news, former movie star Chevy Chase tried to get in the spirit of his fellow “SNL” alum Murray, by spontaneously jumping in the car of a woman stopped at a red light in Miami lastweekend. Unfortunately, for the former “Fletch” star, the woman, like most of America, was unable to recognize Chase and shot him after mistaking him for a carjacker.