Cast of ‘Expendables 3’ To Reunite For ‘Cocoon’ Reboot

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

The cast of Lionsgate’s upcoming action film, “Expendables 3,” are in talks to reunite for the reboot of the hit 1985 Fox film, “Cocoon.” According to Sylvester Stallone, he and his “Expendables 3” co-stars Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelsey Grammar and Mel Gibson are in preliminary negotiations with Fox to play the residents of a senior citizen home in Florida who discover the fountain of youth in the form of a swimming pool containing alien cocoons.

“The idea of doing the ‘Cocoon’ reboot started after I tried to convince the film’s original stars Brian Dennehy and Wilford Brimley to take roles in ‘Expendables 3,’” Stallone told Hollywood & Swine. “In fact, the whole plot for the original ‘Cocoon’ was actually inspired by how Arnold and I used to fill our swimming pools in the ’80s with liquid steroids and swim in it order to stay young and strong.”

“Expendables 3” star Jason Statham is also in negotiations to take of the role Jack Bonner, the lovable boat captain played by Steve Guttenberg in the original.

“This isn’t your grandparents’ version of ‘Cocoon,’” Stallone said. “We’re making the aliens evil this time around and we’re replacing the heart-warming message about the challenges of growing old with a bunch of explosions.”