Cast of Fox’s ‘The Mob Doctor’ Confused as to Why Network Hasn’t Cancelled Show Yet

On the heels of Fox ordering additional episodes of their freshman series “Ben and Kate” and “The Mindy Project,” cast members of the network’s other new fall program “The Mob Doctor” admitted they were completely confused about why their show hasn’t been cancelled yet.

The critically-panned and low-rated drama, which tells the story of a doctor who secretly works for the mafia, was predicted by most in Hollywood to be the first network show cancelled this fall season, but somehow it has managed to survive.


A Fox programming executive minutes before deciding the fate of the network’s new shows.

“Every time my phone rings, I think it’s going to be the network telling me they cancelled us,” said “Mob Doctor” star Jordana Spiro.  “But then it just turns out to be someone who watched ‘Mob Doctor’ calling to say they hate my show.”

Cast members told Hollywood & Swine that the only thing cancelled on the set of “Mob Doctor” were the vacation plans they made this month because they were so positive they would be out of work already.

According to a spokesperson at Fox, the network is holding off on cancelling “Mob Doctor” until one of their rival networks cancels a new show first.

“We only had three new shows this season, so it’s pretty embarrassing if we’re the first network to admit we failed creatively,” said a Fox spokesperson.  “Besides, we’re confident ‘Mob Doctor’ can at least outlast NBC’s new sitcom with the monkey in the lab coat.”

  • Peter

    Revolution should be cancelled it stinks

    • Seraph

      lol, revolution isn’t going anywhere. its nbc’s most popular new show, and an entertaining one at that.

      • Toby Wong

        we’ll see, it’s painfully sappy and typical, it might just be running on viewer curiosity

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.martins.79 Billy Martins

    Please don”t cancel mob doctors please give it sometime to fine audience? Give it til January then if things don”t improve than get rid of it.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    Mob doctors is terrible–not the premise, just the execution. This last episode was a prime example. They’re so intent on making Spiro’s character into the hero that they sacrifice all the other characters to do so. As soon as the other bitchy doctor got that position with the heart surgery I knew they were going to make her screw it up just to make Grace look good (while she of course performed her own difficult sugery outside of an OR perfectly *rolls eyes*).

  • Vetgal

    I like the Mob Dr. and everyone I know likes it also….I would like it to continue…I think being on Monday nights in America was a killer – heard that it’s doing really well international.

    • A.More

      Where is it running internationally? Usually it takes about a season for translations to start even on a hit show. The only exception to this rule has been the last few seasons of lost, which were shown in English a day after the US date and two weeks later with a German synchro. Unless by Internationally you mean the UK, Canada and Australia, but i think they too usually wait to see if a show will be a hit or bomb… (by the way this is not sarcasm, i am truly interested in where you heard it was running internationally already?)

      • The Scotsman

        Shown in English a day after the US date? What language do you think it’s originally shown in? Or did you mean shown in England? Last time I checked, you Americans were still speaking English, which is our language.

        • A.More

          Considering i wrote “with a German synchro” right after that one could infer that i am living in Germany (why else would i even mention that?). I am obviously aware that the show is in English originally (why else would it be shown in English first here?) Reading comprehension seems to be a lost art, even for native speakers it seems… (also funny that you would assume i am “American”.)

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  • LoLo

    I love Mob Doctor!!!!. I watch it faithfully. Pissed to hear it’s gone be canceled..

  • RMH

    I love the Mob Doctor!! I cant get enough of it!! i feel like all of the really great shows we had last year were all canceled and total crap has replaced it, except for the Mob Dr. it is the only NEW show these days that I’m following

  • Kristi

    I love the Mob Dr. I hope they don’t pull the plug on it. It keeps you on your toes

  • baaboo

    The Mob Doctor is one of my favorites. Please don’t cancel!

  • Pebje

    I think it has a lot of promise, I love mob shows !! I can’t believe the ratings are that bad, If people would watch the show I think they will like it, I just think people aren’t interested enough to begin watching it

  • Crystal

    people disliking the mob doctor are uneducated and cannot grasp all the medical terminology or stand some of the gorey scenes haha jk. but with all joking aside, its such a goodshow! i LOVE the intensity of their medical cases, escalated by the ferocity of dealing with the mob. not to mention, the cast is amazing!! please don’t cancel this show!!!

  • colleen

    i love the mob doctor please dont cancel the show please bring it back

  • David

    I only watch two weekly shows Dallas and the Mob Doctor oh make that three
    Restaurant Impossible.FOX if you cancel the Mob Doctor the only thing I’ll be watching on your network is the NFL Love the show !

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.drews.33 John Drews

    I”m sorry but what the hell is freshman series “Ben and Kate” and “The Mindy Project,. I’ve never heard of either one of these shows. but yet Fox ONCE AGAIN CANCELS A GOOD SHOW PREMATURLEY!!!!!!!

  • erik draven

    Don’t cancel the mob doctor I like the show and I watch it all the time. I think fox is making some bad choices with the way they run things and decisions they make and some shows that should stay they are canceling.