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Charlie Hunnam Quits ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ After Finally Getting Around to Reading the Book

“Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam, who shocked Hollywood this weekend with his announcement he was quitting the highly anticipated “Fifty Shades of Grey” film, has revealed he made the decision after finally getting around to reading the best-selling novel.  According to Hunnam, he signed onto to star as Christian Grey without reading “Fifty Shades of Grey,” assuming the book must be incredible since it set off one of the most heated bidding wars in Hollywood history.  But after reading the book, he realized how wrong he really was.

fifty shades

“I’m not a lonely middle-aged housewife, so I had no reason to ever read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ when it first came out,” Hunnam told Hollywood & Swine.  “After finally finishing it, I discovered how truly bad it was.  It’s like bad ‘Twilight’ fan fiction.”

Universal Pictures, the studio behind “Fifty Shades of Grey,” is frantically searching for a handsome young movie star who hasn’t read the novel and would be willing to play the billionaire lead who is obsessed with BDSM.

Hollywood insiders are predicting the most likely choice to replace Charlie Hunnam is former “Friday Night Lights” actor Taylor Kitsch, since he never reads anything before agreeing to star in a film, which is the reason for his decision to star in the 2012 boxoffice flops “John Carter,” “Battleship” and “Savages.”

  • birk

    you need to hire better photoshoppers

  • Lacrobat

    The bad Photoshopping is meant to clue people in to the fact that this is a satirical story. Doesn’t always work unfortunately.

  • Amyjo

    Wow!! I find this story to be very false! He refers to people who read the book as lonely housewives yet he has said in interviews his longtime girlfriend has read the books. And the photoshop job! SMDH!!

  • MJ

    That’s very unprofessional even if the book was really bad he shouldn’t say something like that.

  • U R NUTS

    Any TRUE Charlie Hunnam fan would know FOR A FACT Charlie would never say anything even remotely like that. He is a class act and gentleman. Kind and considerate. You people are nuts!

    • nessa

      I really hope not. I mean with all these reasons being thrown out there of why he quit, it was making him look bad. BUT, that statement, which is probably not true, makes him look awful. lols.

  • Jude

    LOL Well, of course this is true, but he never would tell a satirical website! 😛

  • mimi

    LOL at everyone who thinks this story is real. It’s satire. Gah ….

  • Guest

    I know this is fake news, but still lol

  • cjhall

    I cannot believe people are really this stupid. Welcome to ‘Murica.

  • pamelaandmore


  • DavvieRae

    This article is such BS!!! What actor would auction for a role WITHOUT READING THE BOOKS TO WHICH THE MOVIE IS TO BE MADE!!! I heard his father died a little while ago and that’s why he dropped out.

  • donnatex

    ROFLMAO!! when he said It’s like bad ‘Twilight’ fan fiction.” That’s just too funny (even if this isn’t true).