Young woman disturbed by the snores of her husband

Charlize Theron Begs Boyfriend Sean Penn to Go One Night without Talking About Haiti

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Oscar-winning movie star Charlize Theron revealed she has begged her Oscar-winning boyfriend Sean Penn to go one night without bringing up Haiti or the time he drove around New Orleans in a boat saving people after Hurricane Katrina. According to the “Million Ways to Die in the West” actress, one of the toughest parts of being in a relationship with the legendary actor is his constant need to bring up all the depressing places he’s visited.

Young woman disturbed by the snores of her husband

“It’s even worse than when he cries out Hugo Chavez’s name in his sleep and wakes me up in the middle of the night,” Theron told Hollywood & Swine. “You don’t see me bringing up all the horrible things I’ve experienced in life, like growing up in South Africa during apartheid or starring in the 2005 boxoffice flop, ‘Aeon Flux.’ ”

Penn’s love affair with Haiti began in 2010 when he arrived just days after the devastating 7.0 earthquake to help provide relief to those in need like he did in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. He even purchased a three-bedroom home in the nation where he spends the majority of the time when he’s not making movies.

“When we first started dating and he told me had a vacation home in the Caribbean, I assumed it was in St. Barts,” Theron said. “I’ve even stopped asking Sean what he wants to do for the weekend, because his answer is always the same: ‘Haiti.’ “

  • Dayna Gallagher

    When will that Patriot Sean renounce his USA Citizenship, pack up his “stuff” & relocate to reside near the resting spot/grave of his fine & faithful pal Hugo or his condo in Haiti. He just may have ample opportunities to produce, direct, & star in the fine films of those utopian ideal hotspots. Then perhaps it is those who truly love to live, work, raise our families & thrive here in the U.S. who may benefit from some R-E-L-I-E-F.