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Chris Brown Violates Probation After Beating Woman in Checkers; Recording Industry Quickly Comes to His Defense

Chris Brown, who made headlines in 2009 after he assaulted his girlfriend, Rihanna, has violated the terms of his parole after beating another woman, this time in a game of checkers.  According to law enforcement officials, Brown’s parole specifically forbids him from beating women, even in board games.

Brown, who is appearing in this month’s Screen Gems’ comedy “Think Like a Man,” is trying to shift the blame for the incident on his childhood the same way he did back in 2009.  “I watched my father beat my mother in checkers growing up,” Brown said in a statement. “Obviously, It’s not my fault.”

chris brown

Singer Chris Brown seen shortly after beating a woman in checkers.

Upon hearing news of Brown’s arrest, the recording industry immediately came to the singer’s defense and said they’ve already invited him to host next year’s Grammy Awards.

“Unlike the stuffy Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, we happen to appreciate thuggish and misogynistic behavior,” a spokesperson for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences told Hollywood & Swine. “We don’t care if Chris Brown beats an entire sorority house in checkers, chess or even Scrabble.  He sells a lot of records which helps our ratings.”

But not everyone is happy with Brown’s behavior.

Jack Landry, the number one ranked Checkers player in the world, is outraged by Brown’s latest controversy.  “Why doesn’t he try beating a man?  I’ll tell you why.  He’s afraid if he did, he’d get his ass beat,” said Landry.  Sources close to Landry, said the champion checkers player still holds a grudge against the singer after getting Brown’s hit song “Forever” stuck in his head for nearly four years.

  • cuckoo

    Very funny.

  • Mary Mote


  • Peblican

    Abuse is a very serious issue this article making fun of Chris Brown’s actions is in very poor taste. I’m pretty sure the intent was to bring some levity to the situation but it failed big time. What really concerns me is how this man’s actions are being made to look frivolous how many young men out there see what he’s doing and want emulate it.

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