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Clint Eastwood Forced to Return Academy Awards After Appearing at Republican Convention

Following the appearance by Clint Eastwood at Thursday night’s Republican National Convention, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has demanded that the legendary actor and director return the four Oscars he won for his films, “Unforgiven” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

“According to long-standing Academy rules, our members can only speak out against Republican presidents,” Academy president Howard Koch, Jr. told Hollywood & Swine.  ”To make matters worse, he forgot to plug his new film, ‘Trouble With the Curve.’ ”

Clint Eastwood

After criticizing an invisible President Obama, who was sitting on stage, Clint Eastwood then made him hold two of his Academy Awards.

According to an Academy source, when news was leaked that a famous Oscar winner was going to be on stage talking to an empty chair, most members of the Academy assumed it was going to be eccentric right-winger Jon Voight.  When it was finally revealed that it was actually the highly respected Clint Eastwood, one of the Academy’s favorites, Hollywood was horrified.

But as word quickly spread about the Academy’s request for Eastwood to return his Oscars, conservatives across America — led by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh — were outraged, causing the Academy to quickly backpedal and reverse their position.

“It’s absolutely untrue that asking Clint Eastwood to give back his Awards was politically motivated,” said Koch.  “The reason we asked for his Oscars back is because we finally watched an episode of his terrible reality show ‘Mrs. Eastwood and Company.’ “

  • Diane

    You have to be kidding! I can’t believe anyone in Hollywood could or would have an actor return any awards based upon free speech! Impossible! Astounding! Amazing! Ludicrous!
    Americans LOVE CLINT!! “MAKE MY DAY!”

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.ott Christopher Ott

      This is a joke…

  • TeamBella76


  • soliderboy

    screw you Liberal Hollywood!! Go Clint! You are the man !

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=731986182 Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado

      IT’S A JOKE

      • DB1954

        Of course it is, but if it confounds libtards, I’m all for it.

  • Larse

    Show’s that these people are brain dead. Go Mr. Eastwood!! You made our day!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PKCUIBNYT54GT3GBS3CKO7JQHY Larry

    Hey, the guy’s 82 years old! He’s done some fine work over his career and has nothing to be ashamed of. I’m rather pissed, however, at the RNC for not working with Eastwood beforehand. Did they think he was going to sit on the chair? To be honest, Eastwood was the best part of the convention.

    • DB1954

      I think you fail to understand that Eastwood had to keep a low profile as a “conservative” for the past 4 years at least. I don’t really think Eastwood reached out to the RNC, but I don’t really blame him. I can’t say I would have.

      • lanam

        i think he reached out to the RNC in his own way; he’s a libertarian which is a little dem but mostly republican – esp fiscal issues not so much social issues.. i guess i’m sorta the same way – even tho i have registered as a independent, i don’t put a label on the way i vote – i vote for the person whose issues i agree with.

  • JamesFreebeck

    Jeese its funny you know? Liberals have no sense of humor about themselves. If you make fun of them, it is always an OUTRAGE! lol

    This is the same delicate little cult, that invented political correctness.

  • libsarescum

    Loved it! An empty suit on the chair would have been even better.

  • Rick Doyle

    I haven’t seen Eastwood embarrass himself that badly since Space Cowboys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChequeM8 Patrick Hall

    Its satire you mouth breathers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.boydston Frank Boydston

    doddering old faarts go right. not sure if they’re limping due to a stroke, but they def go to the right. all the time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nina.royal Nina Royal

    I thought the awards were just for talent… not political views. Regardless of my party affiliation, this is wrong in my opinion. I will never watch those awards again because they are apparently just a popularity contest and have nothing to do with ability. What a sham that they are held just to make money! Grr!

  • pnordman


  • cruzin77

    No need , their viewership declines every year, many are tired of the self adulation of Hollyweird and the orthopedic doctors in the area can’t meet the demand to align the arms of those that constantly pat themselves on the back.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3EJ472IC2ZY5JPB6MLUTPDWA6I Arco

    Watching Eastwood at the RNC actually made me cringe. It was sort of like laughing at the old lady who has a big brown stain on the seat of her white slacks and doesn’t know it. Debating an empty chair and losing was sad. Eastwood may not be the brightest bulb in the marquee, but he was badly used.

  • Boss Knob

    The bit was hilarious. I really don’t see what the world is bitching about.

  • Andyboy11

    Clint Eastwood is right about both sides of politics. You can’t take his oscars away. If you want to take oscars take Sean penn’s, Tom hanks’s and George clooney’s oscars away. Those three are communists who don’t deserve to live in this country

    • Yevrah

      While we’re taking Oscars from Hanks et al, why not dig up Senator McCarthy and put him back in office? Andyboy11, it’s people like you give this country a bad name,

    • 1Nicole

      The Academy isn’t really planning to take Eastwood’s oscars away. The article is just having some fun! What in the world is happening to men? Why are they becoming more and more agitated, emotional and hysterical?

  • lanam

    isn’t that a load of crap — liberals are so suppose to be so tolerant and respect “free speech” — i guess when its only FOR what they believe in; double standard much? I’m Independent voter – mid of road voter. no i do not like obama bc i don’t agree w/his issues. clint eastwood has made some of the most memorable incredible movies ever to grace movie theaters.. he’s worked w/liberals in his films – he’s not a hyprocrit like hollyweird libs are; shame on the oscars — they have no right asking him to give them back.

  • infinite5280

    Hollow out the base and put some kryptonite in it before giving it back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/teal.listen Teal Listen

    All the GOP’s little comments and comedy at their convention didn’t work. It even got Chris Christie to support and vote for Pres. Obama.

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