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Colin Farrell to Investigate Death Of His Movie Career in Season 2 Of ‘True Detective’

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

HBO has announced that Colin Farrell will not only star in the second season of their hit series “True Detective,” but the plot of the season will revolve around the investigation into what happened to the actor’s once promising movie career.  According to HBO President Michael Lombardo, finding out what killed Farrell’s film career will be an even more riveting mystery than the one involving Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey’s seventeen year hunt for serial killer in Louisiana in season one.

“Colin’s investigation will begin by tracking down erratic filmmaker Oliver Stone to finally figure out what the hell went wrong on ‘Alexander,’” Lombardo told Hollywood & Swine.  “Then in episode two he will team up with Jamie Foxx in an effort to understand why they agreed to star in their horrible boxoffice flop, ‘Miami Vice.”

In addition to “Alexander” and “Miami Vice” being prime suspects in the death of Farrell’s film career, season two of “True Detective” will also feature investigations into other films by Farrell which played a part in the actor being forced to take a role in television, including “Ask the Dust,“ “Cassandra’s Dream,” “Pride and Glory,” “London Boulevard,” “Fright Night,” “Total Recall,” “Dead Man Down” and “Winter’s Tale.”

Rumored to be joining Farrell as his partner is season two of “True Detective,” is actor Taylor Kitsch, who will also be investigating who killed his once promising movie career, with the two main suspects being “John Carter” and “Battleship.”

  • chuckhustmyre

    I bet Colin Farrell wishes he had a “real” career writing snarky little blog posts at “Hollywood & Swine” for a hundred bucks a week.

  • DeadInHell

    This joke just doesn’t work, considering how incredibly high profile this series is and how successful its leads are. Matthew McConaughey is at the height of his career right now, and Harrelson is also experiencing something of an upswing. True Detective itself is now one of the most acclaimed series on television and season 2 is easily the most anticipated series of next year. I would say any actor worth their salt would be damn lucky to be “forced” into television if it means headlining a show this remarkable.