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George Lucas Threatens to Re-Release Every Film He’s Had Anything To Do With in 3D

On the heels of the successful re-release of “Star Wars: Phantom Menace” in 3D, George Lucas has announced plans to re-release every film he’s had anything remotely to do with in 3D.  In addition to the other “Star Wars” films, Lucas intends to convert to 3D and re-release “THX 1138,” “American Graffiti,” “More American Graffiti,” “Willow,” “Labyrinth,” “Star Tours,” “Tucker: The Man and His Dream,” “Radioland Murders” and “Howard the Duck.”

george lucas“After ‘Phantom Menace’ made $22 million its opening weekend, I realized there was no time to waste,” Lucas told Hollywood & Swine. “I figured why not just re-release everything?  I’ve even converted home movies of me opening Christmas presents when I was a kid to 3D.”

Lucas says he also plans to release several chest x-rays he had recently and three-year-old photos of his colonoscopy once they’re converted to 3D.

“Howard the Duck,” which was released in 1986 to scathing reviews and bombed at the boxoffice, is the story of a sarcastic-talking duck who is transported from his planet to Cleveland, where he meets and romances a female rocker named Beverly, played by Lea Thompson.

One Million Moms, the conservative Christian group that recently announced boycotts of JC Penney for their decision to use the openly gayhoward the duck Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, and Toys ‘R’ Us for selling an Archie Comic featuring a gay wedding, is outraged by Lucas’ decision to re-release “Howard the Duck,” and plans to call for a nationwide boycott of the film, which includes a love scene between Howard and Lea Thompson’s character.

“It’s so obvious that ‘Howard the Duck’ is another attempt by Hollywood to promote its liberal beliefs, which includes bestiality,” said a spokeswoman for the organization.  “The idea of a new generation of children being exposed to these images of lust between a woman and a duck, especially in 3D, is outrageous.  We will not stand for it. Besides it’s a really crappy movie.”

While Hollywood is usually on the opposite side of the One Million Moms’ boycotts, which have also included protests against “Modern Family” and “Dancing With the Stars,” there seems to be no disagreement about “Howard the Duck.”

“For once, they’re absolutely right,” said an MPAA spokesperson.  “It really is a crappy movie.”

  • The13thDoctor

    3D Howard The Duck?…BRING IT!!! I Freaking DARE you Lucas!

  • David Bloomfield

    I thought Howard the Duck was a great movie, all the mothers who don’t luck it because of one scene, well there’s always the exit, I will definitely pay to go see it again.

  • MJ

    Oh GAWD,
    2D Lea Thompson is bad enough.
    Please- No- Stop.

  • Matt

    This article makes no sense!!!

    Captain EO is already in 3D.