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Desperate to Salvage Career after Arrest, Reese Witherspoon Looking For New Agency and New Husband

Following her arrest this past weekend for disorderly conduct in Atlanta after verbally attacking the police officer who was arresting her husband and CAA agent, Jim Toth, for drunk driving, Reese Witherspoon has announced she is actively shopping for a new agency and husband in a desperate attempt to salvage her film career.  According to Witherspoon, the only thing more humiliating than being arrested with her husband, has been starring in the critical and boxoffice embarrassments CAA has put her in recent years, including “How Do You Know” and “This Means War.”

Reese Witherspoon

UTA agent Brad Foley seen being interviewed by Reese Witherspoon after applying for the position of agent, husband or possibly both.

“My ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, may not have been a great actor, but at least he could act sober when a cop pulled him over for drunk driving,” Witherspoon told Hollywood & Swine.  “My husband-agent tried to cheer me up after getting arrested by giving me a pile of scripts to read for roles I could land if Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, and a dozen other actresses turn them down first.”

Upon hearing about Witherspoon’s arrest, numerous celebrities who have been arrested in the past for protesting came to the actress’ defense, including Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, James Cromwell, Danny Glover, and George Clooney.  But the celebrities soon withdrew their support after learning her arrest was not for protesting a social or environmental injustice, but for objecting to her husband being handcuffed for driving while intoxicated.

Witherspoon has already begun taking meetings with several Hollywood talent agencies including WME, UTA, Paradigm, and Gersh, now that Atlanta authorities have allowed the actress to leave the state.  Witherspoon, who last year unsuccessfully tried to resurrect her fledging career by offering a Groupon for her acting services (Hollywood & Swine, June 21, 2012), is hoping her new agent will be able to at least get her recognized by the next officer that arrests her.

Meanwhile, Jim Toth isn’t taking the news of Witherspoon leaving CAA and him too hard, as reports have surfaced that he has already begun wooing actress Rachel McAdams who left her longtime agency UTA earlier this week.  Toth is planning to meet with McAdams to discuss her career over drinks in Los Angeles next week and has already hired a designated driver.

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    One of the great things about this site is that it hits closer to the truth through satire than Entertainment Weekly ever could through journalism. BTW – Thanks for the mention. My career need all the help it can get.