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Detroit to Become Gigantic Theme Park Based on ‘The Walking Dead’

Producers of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead,” which takes place during a zombie apocalypse, have announced plans to turn the city of Detroit into a massive theme park based on the show.  According to “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, he always dreamed of opening a theme park in Detroit, since a visit to the derelict and extremely dangerous city inspired him to create “The Walking Dead” comic book series in 2003.

“The only real difference between Detroit and my television series, is that people in ‘The Walking Dead,’ are much more optimistic about life getting better than people in Detroit are,” Robert Kirkman told Hollywood & Swine.  “There are also great economic benefits for setting the theme park there, since it’s much cheaper to buy an abandoned house in Detroit than it is to create a fake abandoned house.”

Walking Dead

Site of the “Walking Dead” theme park, which will open in Detroit in 2014.

“The Walking Dead” theme park, which will consist of several abandoned neighborhoods in Detroit, will open in spring of 2014, allowing visitors to experience what it is like in a world where society has fallen apart and any moment you can be killed.  In what will be a much needed boost to Detroit’s high unemployment rates, several thousand of Detroit’s crackheads will be hired to dress up in zombie make-up and chase visitors around the theme park.

Tourists will also have the option to stay in Mound Prison, which was shut down and abandoned due to the state’s budget crisis in 2011, and which will give “The Walking Dead” fans the chance to feel what it’s like to live a creepy empty prison just like Rick Grimes and his group did in season three.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing released a statement to “The Walking Dead” fans urging them to take precautions if they visit Detroit before fall of 2014.

“We haven’t started hiring employees for ‘The Walking Dead’ theme park yet, so if you see an African-American woman walking with a Samaria sword, she’s not an actor playing Michonne, she’s actually a very disturbed and violent homeless person,” Mayor Bing said.

  • http://twitter.com/RealMaximusMax Maximus Max

    Yup. This is our “Paradise City”…

  • West

    This is an Awesome idea! Although, I would hate to be bitten by a crackhead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Myles/608790504 Larry Myles

    I would assume that if this theme park is a success…there could be franchises available in most of the progressive states?

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  • Captain Poopyhead

    Atlanta is next

  • Il c’est moi

    Ain’t (yes, I DID say “ain’t”) nothing good come out of Detroit since Alice Cooper moved to phoenix anyway.

  • Andy

    This is real or just a humour website?

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