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Donald Trump Offers $5 Million to Tyler Perry For Proof He Can Write A Good Screenplay

Billionaire Donald Trump announced he is using the $5 million he earlier offered to President Obama to produce his college and passport records, to instead go after the second most powerful African-American in the world — Tyler Perry.  At a news conference attended by nobody, Trump said he will give the $5 million to the charity of Perry’s choice if the “Alex Cross” star can provide evidence of one good screenplay he’s written.

Donald Trump

After watching “Madea’s Witness Protection,” Donald Trump offered a $5 million challenge to Tyler Perry to offer proof he can write a good screenplay.

“Immediately after watching the dreadful ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’ on DVD, I called the same crack team of investigators I hired to track down Obama’s real birth certificate and put them in charge of finding proof of one good Tyler Perry script,” Trump told Hollywood & Swine.  “So far, they’ve combed through every single one of his films and over two hundred episodes of his horrible sitcoms ‘House of Payne’ and ‘Meet the Browns’ and still came up empty handed.”

Trump, never missing an opportunity to come off offensive and racist, even listed possible charities Perry could donate the $5 million to, much like he did with Obama.

“Perry can give the money to any charitable cause he wants, like firing proofing Atlanta soundstages, or buying dresses for black guys who like to dress as women,” Trump said.  “Or he could give it to a truly needy cause — Bobby Brown.”

Perry called Trump’s challenge ridiculous and claimed it was a desperate attempt by the billionaire to avert attention from his self-hyped October bombshell he promised to deliver about President Obama that turned out to be non-existent.

“Trump hasn’t disappointed anybody this badly since his trophy wife Melania on their wedding night,” Perry said.  “Besides, all of my scripts are good.  The problem is that they’re horribly directed by me.”

  • Writing Diva

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • ilovemovies2

    Another record of stupidity for the King of Nuts. donnie stick to what you do best-ex-marital affairs. Just think you could be using your time help other in your city you crazy guy. lol

  • bnjnjokolk

    Donald Trump can go kiss Tyler Perry’s butt. Tyler Perry does a superior job with his writing, directing, acting, producing. Donald Trumo likes to complain and bicker all the time, but if he wants to become the leader of this country he needs to keep his comments to himself.