Dr. Drew Wins Celebrity Death Pool For Third Year in a Row

Members of a celebrity death pool, in which players pick celebrities whom they believe are likely to die, are furious after Dr. Drew Pinsky won the first place trophy for the third straight year.  Pinsky’s victory came on the heels of former “Celebrity Rehab” cast member and country star Mindy McCready, whom Pinsky selected in the seventh round of the death pool, committing suicide Tuesday.

Dr. Drew

A victorious Dr. Drew holds his first place trophy after winning the Celebrity Death Pool for the third year in a row.

“Mindy’s the fifth ‘Celebrity Rehab’ cast member to die after Drew picked them,” said fellow Death Pool member Adam Corolla.  “From now on, we’re not going to let him pick any more of his former patients.”

Pinsky has come under fire this week after McCready became the latest in the ever- growing list of “Celebrity Rehab” cast members to die in recent years, which includes Jeff Conaway, Mike Starr, Joey Kovar, and Rodney King.  Pinsky denies claims from his critics who accuse him of exploiting once famous drug addicts for ratings by putting them on “Celebrity Rehab.”

“Every medical doctor knows the best way to help a drug-addicted celebrity is to pay them to go on VH1 where they can be filmed detoxing and revealing their deepest emotional pain in therapy,” Pinsky told Hollywood & Swine.  “Tom Sizemore and Dennis Rodman are still alive, so I must be doing something right.”

Pinsky, who doesn’t play Fantasy Football because the NFL is too violent of a sport, has decided to donate the $350 he won for winning his Celebrity Death Pool to a charity that helps addicts.

Former Hollywood madam and “Celebrity Rehab” cast member Heidi Fleiss credits Dr. Drew for helping her put her life back on track and recently signed on to be Pinsky’s new agent.

“It’s a natural transition for me,” Fleiss said.  “I used to get work for prostitutes, now I’m trying to get work for a media whore.”

  • AliMcJ

    Dr. Drew is a last resort for many patients he treats. He is kind and understanding and does help a lot of his patients and I’m proud of those who did the work and continued on doing it. Some are too far gone and don’t do continued work, figuring, “It’s no big deal; I’m o.k. now. I can handle this,” especially men.

    This poor lady lost her mate and then her children; life must have looked so bleak to her; my heart goes out to her and her family. Women stay alive for their children.

    This makes me very sad; I thought she had had it under control. Didn’t know b’friend/husband had killed himself on the porch. Somebody should have been with her, knowing her past and knowing how devastating these losses are. Someone should have been with her to take care of the children and then to watch her: she was failed by society and social services.

    Yes, Dennis Rodman is still around — very resistant to treatment — and my heart goes out to him: he is such a sweet thing. It broke my heart when the Lakers let him go: he couldn’t get with the program on practice, so it was necessary for discipline and morale, even though he was “a workhorse” on the court.

    I love him and wish he didn’t have the fear of being seen as stupid or uninformed that holds him back. Sooo sweet.

    I think going back to school would do him worlds of good. IMHO