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Eddie Murphy and Transvestite Prostitute to Re-Unite to Present Brett Ratner’s GLAAD Award

In one of the most highly-anticipated Hollywood reunions in decades, movie star Eddie Murphy will reunite with the transvestite prostitute he picked up on Sunset Boulevard in 1997,  when they present “Tower Heist” director Brett Ratner with the first ever Ally Honor at the GLAAD Awards on March 16th.  Organizers of the GLAAD Awards kept the reunion under wraps while they were deciding whether or not to pay Atison Seiuli, the infamous transvestite prostitute, for just an hour or to hire her for the full evening.

Brett Ratner

Eddie Murphy will re-unite with old friend, transvestite prostitute Atison Seiuli, at the GLAAD Awards to present Brett Ratner with the organization’s Ally Award.

“A lot of people believe I actually died years ago, but the truth is Eddie asked me to keep a low profile until he got his career back to where it was in the 80s,” Seiuli told Hollywood & Swine.  “When I heard Eddie was working on the TV version of ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’ I gave up waiting and decided to make a public appearance.”

Originally, GLAAD asked Murphy to present Ratner’s award with the cast of his 2008 sci-comedy boxoffice flop, “Meet Dave,” but Murphy felt that would be way too embarrassing for his family and instead opted to appear with the transvestite prostitute.

GLAAD decided to honor Ratner with the first ever Ally Award after he made several public service announcements for gay equality, following controversial remarks he made in 2011, when he was preparing to produce the Oscars hosted by Murphy, which angered the gay community.

“For years I have been one of the biggest supporters of same sex love scenes in movies,” Ratner said.  “If you don’t believe me, you can just look at my extensive collection of lesbian porn.”

Later this month, Ratner will also receive the “Visionary” Award from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, who praised the director for his foresight after he admitted to making actress Lindsay Lohan take an STD test before he’d agree to have sex with her years ago.

  • Axel’s Follly

    Love the site, but are you guys aware that the prostitute he got caught picking up died years ago?

    • Axels folly

      Ah, i should have read the second paragraph. My bad. Also i Misspelled my name. *Folly. Damn phone keyboard.

  • nja123

    Okay so he’s too embarrassed to appear with his movie cast but not too embarrassed to appear with his transvestite prostitute? Out country’s gone to the dogs. So it’s cool to be low class now

    • CornbreadDamnitCornbread

      ever heard of Satire?

  • jessi jeanna kane

    This story I’d b.s…I went to SHAOMARS funeral, saw her body she was a friend of mine when I lived in Hollywood in the 90’s plus the drag queen in the pic looks NOTHING like the woman I knew, she was a Samoan beauty she didn’t look like a drag queen that is an insult…she looked like a biological woman, and passed effortlessly, get ur story right ppl f.y.I…

    • CornbreadDamnitCornbread

      you do realize this is satire right?

  • Chris

    That picture is of Sahara Davenport, a drag performer who died recently. It also seems like the woman you are writing about has also died. I think if you have any decency, you should remove this article or at least the incorrect image. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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