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Edward Furlong Accidentally Drops Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Name In L.A. County Jail Shower

“Terminator 2” star Edward Furlong was left bruised and traumatized after he accidentally dropped former co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name in the shower of L.A. County County jail early this morning.  According to Furlong, who was sentenced to six months in jail last month, after mistakenly dropping Schwarzenegger’s name, he was rushed from behind and attacked by several inmates, who didn’t appreciate the former Governor’s tough on crime policies.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong seen in the L.A. County Jail showers, where he was assaulted after dropping the name of his former “Terminator 2” co-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I haven’t received a response that harsh since I starred in 2005’s ‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer,’ ” a visibly shaken Furlong told Hollywood & Swine.   “I wasn’t saying that I liked Schwarzenegger, just that I knew the guy.”

Ironically, during his time as Governor of California, Schwarzenegger attempted to pass a bill to build a special wing of L.A. County Jail devoted to harbored drug-addicted former child stars after several studies indicated they are twice as likely to be attacked after dropping a name in the shower as normal inmates.

Furlong was reportedly warned not to name drop Schwarzenegger by Nick Stahl, the actor who replaced him as John Connor in “Terminator 3.”  Stahl learned not to drop the action star’s name in the jail shower following his arrest last December for lewd conduct.

In related news, new plot details for the upcoming and highly anticipated 5th installment of the popular “Terminator” franchise were released this week.  In the film, Skynet will opt not to send a cyborg, but instead will send a pile of crack cocaine back in time to destroy the life of future leader, John Connor.

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