Epidemic of Suicides Breaks Out After Retirement Home Screening of ‘Nebraska’

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

An epidemic of suicides broke out yesterday following a screening of the critically acclaimed film, “Nebraska” at the Motion Picture Home, the famous retirement community for actors in Los Angeles.  According to “Nebraska” director, Alexander Payne, who personally screened the film for the numerous Academy voters living there, the movie, starring Bruce Dern as a cantankerous old man who travels to Nebraska to claim a sweepstakes prize, was so depressing that during his Q&A forty-nine elderly residents decided they no longer wanted to live.


“A lot of them felt there was no point to their lives, just like there was no point to ‘Nebraska,’ ” Payne told Hollywood & Swine.  “They were also devastated to learn that the sweepstakes letters they were all so excited about were actually worthless.”

This is the second time Payne has caused a major controversy during an Academy screening at the Motion Picture Home.   Following a screening for his 2011 Oscar-winning film, “The Descendants,” numerous residents at the Motion Picture Home were inspired to finally take their vegetated spouses off life support.

In related news, a group of struggling musicians in New York City committed suicide after watching the Coen Brothers recent film, “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

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