Ethiopians Blast NBC’s ‘Revolution’ For Negatively Depicting People Living Without Electricity

Thousands of Ethiopians took to the streets yesterday to protest NBC’s hit TV show, “Revolution,” after learning that the J.J. Abrams-produced series depicts a violent world without power.  According to a leader of the protesters, the group is angry that “Revolution” negatively portrays people without electricity, something millions of poverty-stricken Ethiopians have lived without their entire life.


Ethiopian Bereket Eshete organized thousands of Ethiopians to protest NBC’s TV show, “Revolution,” after reading the pilot script.

Many Ethiopians first learned of “Revolution” after an American Peace Corps volunteer working in their country showed several villagers the pilot script of the show that he had downloaded from the internet prior to leaving the United States.

“I’ve been living without power since I was born,” said Bereket Eshete, one of the organizers behind the Ethiopian protest.  “And I’ve never once seen random swordfights or heard bad dialogue like I read in the script.”

Besides being outraged by the stereotypes enforced by “Revolution,” the Ethiopians were also confused about what all the fuss was about.

“They may not have power, but they have water, which is more than we can say,” Eshete told Hollywood & Swine.  “Although I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Lost,’ even I can tell ‘Revolution’ sounds like it’s just trying to be a bad version of it.”

Tensions between Ethiopia and “Revolution” worsened after Ethiopians discovered that the only black man on the show — played by Giancarlo Esposito — is a villain.

Abrams was unapologetic about the furor his show had caused among Ethiopians.  “I didn’t apologize for ‘Undercovers’ or ‘Alcatraz,” he said, referring to two of his poorly received shows, “so I’m certainly not going going to apologize for ‘Revolution.’ “

  • infinite5280

    Come on. This is so phony. Everyone knows Detroit is the poorest nation on the planet.

    • Jerry Patte

      Go back to school Idiot Detroit is not a NATION.

      • Carl Bilodeau

        Have you search lost and found for your lost sense of humor?

  • Kahlima

    Well, it’s a show depicting what could happen in AMERICA if
    power suddenly went out… how people from our society (in America) could react in a very tense world and it’s also very reminiscent of times in history. So it really doesn’t have a thing to do with anyone living without power at the
    moment or that have always been without electricity. These people mustn’t
    realize the mental state of many American’s.
    Oh and it’s a show on TV for entertainment… not everything can be Lost, doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy a story.

  • rosie

    what? that’s stupid.
    in the western world we rely on electricity… so what if what u rely on is gone? then its chaos.
    its completely different. dumb ass article.