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Following Prediction of Romney Landslide, Fox News’ Dick Morris Predicts Oscar Sweep For ‘That’s My Boy’

After predicting a Mitt Romney landslide over Barack Obama in yesterday’s presidential election, Fox News analyst Dick Morris has turned his attention to next year’s Academy Awards race, where he is predicting that Adam Sandler’s critical and boxoffice flop, “That’s My Boy,” will win every major award at February’s Oscar ceremony.

Dick Morris

Immediately following last night’s election, Fox News’ Dick Morris went on TV to announce that Adam Sandler’s “That’s My Boy” will sweep next year’s Academy Awards.

Morris, who this morning was still unaware that Romney lost last night’s election, said he’s using the same never-fail methodology he used to predict that Romney would garner over 325 electoral college votes and carry Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to predict “That’s My Boy” will win the Academy Award for Best Picture over such Oscar frontrunners as Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” Ben Affleck’s “Argo” and David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook,” among others.

“Fortunately, I have access to the same kind of accurate Hollywood research that said ‘Paranormal Activity’ was going to make over $50 million during it’s opening weekend,” Morris told Hollywood & Swine, referring to the horror film that only made half that amount when it opened several weeks ago.  “My analysis of the typical member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences tells me there’s no way “That’s My Boy” won’t sweep the Oscars.”

Upon hearing news of Morris’ prediction, executives at Sony Pictures, the studio behind “That’s My Boy,” said they were scrapping their original plans for an Oscar push for Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama Bin Laden movie, “Zero Dark Thirty,” to instead focus on Adam Sandler’s film.

“After Dick Morris’ research pointed out to us that capturing Osama Bin Laden didn’t really help President Obama get re-elected, we feel a movie about him is not going to help us at next year’s Oscars,” a Sony marketing executive said.  “So instead we’re going to focus on the worst-reviewed movie of the year.”

Morris, whose been called “the world’s worst political pundit,” said in addition to “That’s My Boy” winning the Academy Award for Best Picture, the film’s star, Adam Sandler, would win for Best Actor handily beating out frontrunner Daniel-Day Lewis, who stars in “Lincoln.”

“Just like I predicted the country was really sick and tired of Barack Obama and would vote him out, the Academy voters have had enough of of Abraham Lincoln,” Morris said.  “Two movies about Abraham Lincoln in one year is more than enough for anybody.”

  • buzzardbill

    The thing about Dicky is that he acts so self-assured in his comments. “I’ve been making a living doing this for 40 yrs”, said Dick. “I know how to read polls”. Man, this guy’s a fraud for 40 yrs & still getting paid for his ego-driven drivel.

  • cosmo101

    Hmm i wonder why Clinton kept him around for so long. He must have had a good reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.calvet Peter Calvet

    Dick Morris, besides being a slimeball, literally talking out of both sides of his mouth (have you noticed this?) is totally incompetent at predicting anything. The only reason Fox News pays any attention to him at all is because he is part of their right wing noise machine, nothing more.

  • steven

    I’m beginning to think this guy still works for the Dems, as an infil-traitor. Nobody can keep spewing such stupid things without a motive…

  • CMarks

    It’s my understanding, now that he’s available, Mitt Romney has signed on to star in the sequel, “That’s My Boy Too”. When asked about his participation Mitt said “I look forward to being connected to yet another winning project.” Filming is scheduled for the Grand Caymon Islands sometime after April 15th.