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Following Will and Jaden Smith’s ‘After Earth’ Debacle, Sony Cancels Take Your Kid to Work Day

On the heels of the disastrous opening of “After Earth,” the $130 million sci-fi epic starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, which received a humiliating 12% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a weak $27 million opening take last weekend, Sony Pictures has announced it is cancelling Take Your Kid to Work Day.

According to a memo obtained by Hollywood & Swine to be sent to employees Monday, Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal, said the studio is estimated to lose over $200 million on “After Earth,” because Will Smith was unable able to find a babysitter for his 14-year-old son and forced the studio to write him in as his co-star.

sony memo

“When Judd Apatow tells you that Will Smith needs to stop putting his kids in his movies, you know there’s a serious problem,” Pascal told Hollywood & Swine, referring to the writer-director known for casting his own family members in his films. “I had no choice but to cancel Take Your Kid to Work Day.  Over the weekend I received hundreds of e-mails from movie stars who saw ‘After Earth,’ and feel their kids can act much better than Jaden Smith and should star in their next film, too.”

The elder Smith was hoping “After Earth,” which is the final installment in the sci-fi Scientology trilogy that included John Travolta’s “Battlefield Earth,” and Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion,” would successfully launch his son Jaden’s career as an A-list movie star.

Sony’s cancelling of “Take Your Kid to Work Day,” is the first time a Hollywood studio has cancelled the day since Paramount Pictures cancelled it in 1975, after director Roman Polanski kept using the occasion as a way of sneaking his underage girlfriends onto the studio lot.

  • Matthew

    Wtf, seriously? why are people such assholes towards Jaden? he’s still a kid. I’m honestly looking forwards of watching this movie soon because of Mr. smith and his son, the movie looked good and I would’ve watched it the opening night if it wasn’t for my friend who desperately wanted to watch a piece of shit called “The hangover 3” I lost $10 bucks I won’t get back and my time watching a load of crap that day.

    • Lacrobat

      Yes Matthew, seriously. Every word is true. Surely that official looking Sony Pictures “memo” is proof enough?

    • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l

      You do realise this article isn’t real right

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  • William Avery Hudson

    Best H&S so far!

  • Rick McCallister

    Just here for the dimwits who took this seriously…