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Fox Searchlight Announces Sequel to ‘Hitchcock’ About the Making of the Re-Make of ‘Psycho’

Fox Searchlight Pictures announced today it is making a sequel to “Hitchcock,” the biopic about legendary director Alfred Hitchcock and the challenges he faced making “Psycho.”  The sequel, to be called “Van Sant,” will focus on director Gus Van Sant during the production of his unnecessary 1998 shot-for-shot remake of “Psycho,” that starred Vince Vaughn.

“Just like how everyone in Hollywood told Alfred Hitchcock not to make the original ‘Psycho,” everyone told me not to do the remake,” Gus Van Sant admitted to Hollywood & Swine.  “The only difference was that with my film they happened to be right.”

Van Sant will also direct the sequel to “Hitchcock,” and has enlisted the Oscar-winning writer of his biopic, “Milk,” Dustin Lance Black to write the screenplay.  Inspired by “Hitchcock,” in which Anthony Hopkins character gets advice from an imaginary version of the serial killer Ed Gein, Black has decided to write several scenes in the sequel in which Gus Van Sant sees an imaginary version of Alfred Hitchcock who begs him not to remake “Psycho.”

“I’m excited to write a film with an even sadder ending than the one I wrote in ‘Milk,’ ” Black said.  “At least Harvey Milk died with dignity, which is a lot more than I can say for the ‘Psycho’ remake when it died at the boxoffice.”

Fox Searchlight also announced John Travolta has been cast to play Van Sant, and are hoping he’ll create as much Oscar-buzz as Hopkins has for his performance as Hitchcock.  Although the studio didn’t give Travolta a screen test, they did watch a taped deposition from one of his multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him by male masseurs, which convinced them the actor has what it takes to play the openly gay Van Sant.

“I can’t wait to see ‘Van Sant,’ ” said Vince Vaughn, who starred as Norman Bates in the $60 million critically-panned and boxoffice failure.  “Maybe it will help me finally understand why I agreed to be in that dreadful remake.”

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