Francis Ford Coppola and Nephew Nicolas Cage Spend New Year’s Day Reminiscing About When They Made Good Movies

Oscar-winning filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and his nephew Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage revealed that they spent New Year’s Day reminiscing about when they actually made good movies.  Coppola even managed to cheer up his nephew who was depressed after making seven straight terrible movies “Stolen,” “Seeking Vengeance,” “Drive Angry” “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” “Trespass,” “Season of the Witch,” and “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” by showing him “Jack,” the embarrassingly bad movie he directed about Robin Williams being stuck in a child’s body.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Francis Ford Coppola spent New Year’s Day reminiscing about the days when they made good movies.

“Unlike my Coppola wine, which only gets better with age, the movie careers of our family members get worse with time,” Coppola told Hollywood & Swine.  “After Nic’s recent string of horrifically awful movies, we’re just glad he decided to change his last name to Cage decades ago.  It has has saved the Coppola family a lot of embarrassment.”

Many in Hollywood believed Cage might have a career revival in 2013, after he fired Joey Thompson, the 6th Grader responsible for picking his movie roles back in March (Hollywood & Swine, March 9, 2012), but the eccentric Cage later hired a 5th Grader to be his new manager and help destroy what’s left of his career.

According to Coppola, he even suggested that Cage should work together on a film project in 2013, but like most movie stars who watched Coppola’s last three directorial efforts, “Twixt,” “Tetro,” and “Youth Without Youth,” Cage passed.  However, Coppola did manage to convince his nephew to work with him on a different project.

“Just like I followed my uncle into the film business thirty years ago, I am now following him into the alcohol business,” said Cage.  “Look for Nicolas Cage’s cheap box wine coming to supermarkets later this year.  I promise it won’t leave as bad of a taste in your mouth as my last movie did.”

  • Rick

    Well, that wasn´t very funny, just mean spirited and cruel. These two, despite their low moments, have done great things. Specially FFC, who has made some of the best movies in history. If only for that, I find quite pathetic that the nobodies who create this page find themselves entitled to make fun of him. What about of “Nobodies who write hollywood & swine find that their best gig is to remain anonymous since nobody ever cared who they were or did anyway.”