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George Zimmerman Celebrates Acquittal By Seeing ‘Fruitvale Station’

George Zimmerman celebrated his acquittal in the murder of 17-year-old African American Trayvon Martin by going with family and friends to see the critically-acclaimed “Fruitvale Station,” which is the true story of Oscar Grant, an unarmed young black man in Oakland who was shot and killed by BART police.

George Zimmerman

Moments after his acquittal, George Zimmerman celebrated by going to see “Fruitvale Station.”

According to Zimmerman, his family originally suggested going to see Adam Sandler’s “Grown-Ups 2” instead of “Fruitvale Station,” but Zimmeran responded by saying the only thing more agonizing than being on trial for murder would be having to watch “Grown Ups 2,” which got a rotten rating of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I wanted to see ‘Fruitvale Station’ when it was at Sundance this year, but unfortunately I was not allowed to leave the state of Florida due to my murder charges,” Zimmerman told Hollywood & Swine.  “The movie lived up to all the critical praise and had one of the most satisfying endings in a film I’ve seen in a long time.”

The manager of the AMC theater in Florida where Zimmerman watched “Fruitvale Station,” which opened this past weeked, revealed details of the negative impact Zimmerman’s appearance had on other movie goers: Sales of Skittles dropped 82% during Zimmerman time in the theater out of fear the colored fruit candy might set the recently acquitted killer off in another violent incident.

The manager also revealed many of the audience members refused to sit in the same theater and walked out, although it wasn’t even close to the amount of audience members who walked out of a showing of “Grown Ups 2” playing at the same time.

  • JapesMacfarland

    Good for him. And BTW, If someone were beating me up and going for my gun, I’d be scared, try to go for it too and shoot so they don’t kill me. Why is this so hard for people to empathize with, or understand? I really don’t get it.

    • justice21


      • JapesMacfarland

        Nobody cares if you’re black. Get over yourself and be a decent human being. People should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Besides, if a black guy were beating you up, and reaching for your gun, I doubt that you’d let him get it and kill you because he’s black. Give me a break.

      • Buntcake72

        I thought it was Kool Aid and Fried Chicken? See how stupid that sounds.

    • Brian-in-NewOrleans

      I don’t carry. Let’s say that I’m in an argument with a guy that quickly devolves into a fight. While we’re going at it I see that he’s armed. What should I do? If I try to break contact and run, I’m afraid that he’ll shoot me. If I try to continue pounding him, try to subdue him with a joint lock, or try to choke him out he’ll certainly shoot me long before any of those techniques become effective. If I try to grab his gun to throw it across the street, he’ll think that I’m trying to draw it to use it on him, that means that he’ll definitely shoot me. What would you do if you were me? Please don’t tell me to start carrying, because I don’t want to kill anyone; however, I’m also a grown man and I don’t want to get on my knees in front of anyone just because they might have a gun.

      • JapesMacfarland

        That’s a good run-down of another perspective I hadn’t thought of, thanks.

        Although, even I don’t think that makes GZ guilty of murder rather than self defence, if they’re both going after the gun as he’s being ‘ground and pounded’. If anything it’s an argument for no guns allowed for anyone. Although, many believe GZ may have been killed if he hadn’t had the gun.

        (Especially after I’ve heard more details about TM’s actual, recent history. He was caught with burglary tools at his school…kicked out of home…discussed and bragged about fighting techniques like he supposedly used on GZ…had and illegal firearm in a facebook post, was caught with stolen jewellery, etc. Also, you do know that also there had been break-ins in that neighbourhood recently, and with a lady who was home at the time, and with perps who matched TM’s description? In other words, much of the whole ‘innocent child’ type narrative as portrayed, seems to have been contrived from a scenario they wish had happened, rather than what likely did. It seems to me fake, and shallow, since if they really cared about these kids they’d be more vocal about the hundreds of black kids killed by each other across the country on a weekly basis. It’s just sad, really.

        • Brian-in-NewOrleans

          So, what would you do if you’re rolling around on the ground with a guy and you see he has a gun?

          • Buntcake72

            I’d go for the gun and shoot the guy I was fighting with. Your defense of Rhodes Scholar Trayvon just collapsed in on itself.

          • Brian-in-NewOrleans

            I wasn’t talking about Martin and Zimmerman. I was talking about how if you are unarmed and you manage to find yourself in a physical altercation with an armed opponent, you are in an unwinnable situation. You can’t defeat, you can’t retreat, and you can’t disarm. Despite what Hollywood teaches us, simply “go(ing) for the gun and shoot(ing) the guy” is not a viable option. I’ve been practicing martial arts for thirty years (Shotokan for thirty years, and judo for the past ten), unless your opponent is aged or infirm, or unless you catch him by surprise it is almost impossible to disarm him before he can draw and fire.

          • Doc3

            A tip, listen to Lynard Skinner’s, “Give Me Three Steps”.

          • skwirrl

            You control him and tell him that you’re going to remove yourself from the situation. Then you proceed to do that. I don’t know anybody that has a CCW that will progress to a shooting from there. Certainly some will but not the vast vast vast majority. Most CCW holders wouldn’t even put themselves into a position to get into an argument. Trayvon jumped Zim and didn’t give him that chance to not pull his weapon.

      • AtlHarleyDave

        Oh, I don’t know, how about grow up and don’t let an argument devolve into a fight?

        • Brian-in-NewOrleans

          The only way for an argument not to devolve into a fight is if BOTH parties are trying to avoid one. Do you ever remember seeing a larger kid beat up a smaller one when you were in school? The smaller one was usually trying to do just as you suggested; however, the larger one was intent on pressing the issue. The same can apply to adults. A few years ago I pulled into a gas station off the interstate. I was about to get out of my car, when some guy roared up behind me, blocking me in. He ran up and started yelling about purposely changing lanes to block him from passing. When I tried opening the door to get out, he drew on me. I was in the middle nowhere South Carolina and I didn’t want my kids to watch me bleed to death, so I apologized for something that I’m still not sure I even did. I was so angry I was shaking, and I had to sit in the car for awhile before I went in the store. If that guy had wanted to press the issue, there’s nothing I could’ve done to to prevent it.

          • Buntcake72

            Were you there? No Brian you weren’t and in this country, the law puts the onus on the Prosecution to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE doubt that Zimmerman had malicious intent to murder. They couldn’t. Wouldn’t someone who wanted to kill Trayvon just shoot him several times and not let the kid jump him and beat the daylights out of him? This is where your logic goes RIGHT out the window. Zimmerman is a fool but he shot the kid in self defense. Trayvon was stupid for attacking him.

          • Brian-in-NewOrleans

            How does my “logic go right out the window”? I’m not talking about the Zimmerman trial. I’m pointing out that if you are unarmed, and your opponent is armed that you have not only lost the confrontation, you can’t even break even.

          • Barb

            In this situation, Trayvon was the larger one, so I don’t see how your argument applies. Don’t go by the pictures the media used which were several years old.

          • Robert Petersen

            incorrect Barb-at the time of the incident Zimmerman was 45 pounds heavier than Trayvon AND had been taking mixed-martial-arts training.

      • FybrOptx

        First thing’s first. MOST, if not all, people who carry do not WANT to kill anyone. Second, who says you have to get down on your knees. You are a grown man (or so you claim) so if you get down on your knees it is for prayer or the SWAT team that has been dispatched because you beat someone up for drawing a gun on you in a fistfight.

        Bottom line: If it looks like it will devolve into a fight that quickly, be the grown man: walk away.

        • Brian-in-NewOrleans

          Read my reply below. You can’t always just walk away.

        • Brian-in-NewOrleans

          Two things: If someone draws on you what do you expect to happen next? Everyone that I’ve ever spoke to about firearms seems to agree that you don’t draw on someone unless you intend to shoot him. Secondly, why would SWAT be deployed because I, an unarmed man subdued an armed man in an altercation that began as hand-to-hand? One or two cops would be reasonable. Don’t you think that a squad of men in body armor with automatic weapons would be a bit excessive. I’m not the Hulk.

          • Buntcake72

            Hey Dummy, do you know that Zimmerman drew his gun on Martin? No you don’t, therefore the 2nd Degree Murder charge gets tossed. See, there’s this tough little thing called evidence that always gets in the way. The prosecution screwed up, they should’ve gone after manslaughter. But the moment Obama opened his mouth, it was all over. This was a pathetic race baiting trial. Those protesting should be ashamed of being duped into it.

          • Brian-in-NewOrleans

            Buntcake, I’m beyond the trial, it over and I’m talking about situations that may arise in the future. If you’ve been reading my queries, then you know that I’ve not once referred to the trial, Martin, or Zimmerman. Also, why do feel the need to personally insult me? We’ve never met, and I haven’t done anything to intentionally insult you.

      • Doc3

        If you get in a fight and knock the other person down, get on top of them and beat them around the face with your fists, and then start slamming their head into the concrete such that person fears for their life, you may get shot if that person is lucky enough to carry.

        • Brian-in-NewOrleans

          When, not if, the fight goes to the ground, and you mount your opponent (that’s the position you describe) blows to the face aren’t as effective as they look. Your opponent’s hands and arms will automatically come up to guard. The head moves around a lot and is a difficult target to hit; it’s armored with bone that’s harder that the bones in your hand. If you manage to land more than glancing blows, you can easily break your hands, or gash them open if you hit him in the mouth. As for slamming your opponent’s head repeatedly into the concrete, I don’t see how you could pull that off. If your opponent had really long hair, maybe you could, but for a person with shorter hair there’s really nothing to hold on to. It’s hard to maintain a grip on the sweaty head of a resisting opponent. Of course, while you’re trying to rain blows on your opponent’s head, or trying to slam his head into the concrete, he only needs one hand to halfway defend himself while he draws his weapon with the other. However, in all honesty, I have to admit that last REAL fight I was in happened during the Reagan administration. Most of my experience comes from the dojo. While practice techniques defending against armed opponents (knives and sticks/batons, never guns), Sensei would not take kindly to her students actually trying to kill each other. I imagine that it would drive up her insurance premiums.

          • skwirrl

            Says the shotokan guy that doesn’t train to land anything more than point strikes to the head. Plenty of people have hands strong enough to land blows without breaking their bones. Anyways the best thing to do is use downward spiking elbows which are near impossible to block and can be driven down with all the force you can generate between your core, your lats and your body weight and will shatter the bones in the center of the face. As to slamming the head into the ground you would place your palms on their forehead and shove down while bucking your body forward. You’d have to reset each time but it would work quite well

          • Brian-in-NewOrleans

            Okay, it seems like you have some martial arts experience. The next time you’re in the dojo (of course at a time when your sensei will allow it) have one of your buddies shove a tanto bo into his obi about where he’d carry a gun. After he lays on the mat, mount him and see how many strikes you can get in before he can draw and “shoot”. Of course you won’t be able to actually deliver elbow strikes to his face, but you’ll get a good idea how quickly you’ll lose that fight. The same goes for slamming his head against the mat.

  • Seriouslylame

    I don’t believe this article for one minute.

    • Gaige

      Yeah, how were there people walking out of Grown Ups 2? Who would go see that in the first place?

  • Jason Ross

    7.2 / 10.

  • IAmTrayvonMartin

    Why in the hell would you get out of your vehicle and run after Trayvon Martin after the fact he has ran to get away from you and you were instructed not to get out of the vehicle?@ JAMESMACFARLAND you dont even know if thats the true story! Thats what we call hearsay. Trayvon didnt live to tell his side of the story due to Zimmerman’s stupidity! Wake tf up and realize people are going to lie if that means they wont have to go to prison. Smh

    • Barb

      We have no evidence that Zimmerman got out of the vehicle and ran after Martin. There was a four-minute window where Martin could simply have gone home. The evidence suggests that he was the one who decided to confront the “creepy-ass cracka.”

  • daggodess

    I thought this was a site for satire and humor.

  • mountainbeachgirl

    Hey Zimmerman, PLS don’t come to UT and ruin Sundance for us…….. We DON’T WANT or NEED your style of neighborhood watch services in Summit County. Besides, Sundance is during the winter here.. You might mistake someone’s ski hat or parka as a Hoodie and be unable to control yourself!

  • BluePotion

    George is too wimpy to fight like a man.