Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler’s Home Address Removed From All Hollywood Movie Star Maps After Opening of Latest Flop

On the heels of his latest flop, “Playing for Keeps,” earning an embarrassing $6 million during its opening weekend despite playing on over 2,800 screens and receiving a horrific 2% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the address for Gerard Butler’s $3.25 million home in Los Feliz was removed from every movie star map sold in Los Angeles.

The removal of Butler’s home address comes at a time when the actor’s star power has dwindled so badly over the last couple years that recently Butler wasn’t even able to open a movie that came in an envelope from Netflix.

Gerard Butler

Ruben Perez, one of dozens of sellers of Hollywood movie star maps, who removed Gerard Butler’s address from the maps he sells.

“My customers are as interested in seeing where Gerard Butler lives as they are in seeing ‘Playing for Keeps,’ ” said Ruben Perez, who sells star maps and bags of oranges on Sunset Blvd.  “Besides, if he keeps making such terrible movies, he won’t be able to afford living in that house much longer.”

“Playing for Keeps” was Butler’s fourth straight boxoffice failure following “Chasing Mavericks,” “Coriolanus,” and “Machine Gun Preacher,” a slew of films so bad that even Nicolas Cage is questioning Butler’s choice of film roles.

One person who isn’t happy with Butler’s home address being removed from star maps is his neighbor, “Transformers” star and international sex symbol, Megan Fox.

“The best thing about people knowing where Gerard Butler lived was that no one would drive by my home because they didn’t want to risk seeing him,” Fox told Hollywood & Swine.  “Now with his removal from star maps, I have to put a sign in my front lawn saying ‘Gerard Butler lives next door,’ to keep tourists from bothering me.”


    POTHOS is just fine. Leave the boy be. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Dearie

  • D Johnson

    Nah. We still love him. if nothing else, we’d like to see what movie star he’s seducing next. Lindsey? Amanda? … (((wait))) Kristen? Winning. 🙂