Hospital - female nurse syringe patient broken leg

Harrison Ford Admits He Purposely Broke Leg to Get Out of Promoting ‘Expendables 3’

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Harrison Ford has admitted the accident on the new “Star Wars” set last week in which the acting legend’s leg was broken after a door on the Millennium Falcon fell on him, was actually caused by him in a desperate attempt to get out of promoting his upcoming summer action film, “Expendables 3.” Minutes before the accident, witnesses saw Ford become visibly distraught while on a phone call with “Expendables 3” star, screenwriter and producer Sylvester Stallone.

Hospital - female nurse syringe patient broken leg

“Sly mumbled something about how he was going to make the entire cast promote the film together,” Ford told Hollywood & Swine. “Compared to the idea of being trapped in a room with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes and Mel Gibson doing doing publicity junkets, a broken leg actually sounded enjoyable. Hanging out with those guys is like being stuck at the opening of a Planet Hollywood in the ’90’s, only the movie stars have aged terribly and their careers have become extremely sad.”

Ford is no stranger to going to extraordinary measures to avoid promoting films of which he’s less than proud. In 2006, the movie star lit himself on fire to get out of promoting his dreadful thriller, “Firewall.” Even more talked about is the time in 1999 when the “Indiana Jones” star hid out for weeks in the same Amish community where he filmed “Witness” in order to get out of promoting his critical and box-office flop, “Random Hearts.”

Unfortunately for Ford, doctors believe his leg will heal well enough for him to complete the publicity tour for “Expendables 3” when it is released in theaters on August 15th.