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Harvey Weinstein Reverses Stance On Movie Violence After Reading Quentin Tarantino’s Latest Script

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Less than a week after he made statements claiming he is done making violent movies, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reversed his stance after reading Quentin Tarantino’s latest screenplay, “The Hateful Eight,” a western that was leaked to the public Tuesday.  According to Weinstein, Tarantino’s latest violent opus helped remind him why he fell in love with violent films in the first place and why he was compelled to produce so many of them over the course of his career.

harvey weinstein 4

“After I finished the script, I called Meryl Street and told her I was no longer interested in helping her take down the NRA with the movie, ‘The Senator’s Wife,’ ” Weinstein told Hollywood & Swine.   “I loved ‘The Hateful Eight,’ so much, that I’m even driving Quentin to buy a gun tonight so he can get revenge on the bastard who leaked his script.”

Tarantino is so furious that one of the six people he let read the top secret screenplay to “The Hateful Eight” betrayed him by leaking the script, that he will no longer continue with the project.

“I blame myself for not listening to my instincts and protecting my script better,” Tarantino said.  “I knew I should have put “Written by M. Night Shyamalan” on the title page so no one would have bothered to read it.”