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Hollywood Animal Trainer Hired To Make Katherine Heigl Less Difficult To Work With

On the heels of having to resort to starring in a Zzzquil commercial, and even more embarrassing, an upcoming NBC pilot, Katherine Heigl is making a last ditch attempt to save her once stellar movie career by hiring a Hollywood animal trainer to help make the actress less difficult to work with.

According to Dale Wrigley, the veteran animal trainer hired by Heigl, working with the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star will be an even tougher challenge than the mountain lions, wolves, and grizzly bears he’s trained, because unlike Heigl, those wild animals aren’t managed by their extremely difficult mother.

Katherine Heigl

Hollywood animal trainer Dale Wrigley tries to make Katherine Heigl less difficult to work with.

“The first thing I do with anything I train is to try to break its spirit a little,” Wrigley told Hollywood & Swine.  “With Katherine, the best way to do that is to probably just sit her in a chair and make her re-watch her performances in ‘Life as We Know It,’ ‘Killers,’ ‘One for the Money’ and this year’s ‘The Big Wedding.’ ”

In a recent poll of filmmakers, Heigl narrowly beat out the horse from “The Lone Ranger,” who threw Johnny Depp and nearly trampled him to death, to be named the most difficult co-star to work with in Hollywood, due to her slamming projects that made her famous like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Knocked Up,” in addition to her massive ego, over-the-top demands and her notoriously vicious manager, Nancy Heigl.

Sources close to Heigl blame her 1995 “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” co-star and longtime mentor, Steve Seagal, for teaching her the proper way for a movie star to behave, which includes becoming extremely difficult to work with and starring in films that gradually get worse and worse each time.  Unfortunately, Heigl and Seagal stopped talking recently, after the two lifelong friends had a falling out when Heigl beat out Seagal for the coveted Zzzquil commercial.

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