‘Homeland’ Producers Reveal Plans to Replace Brody’s Useless Son With Adorable Puppy

Following Sunday night’s season two finale of Showtime’s hit series “Homeland,” the show’s producers revealed they plan to replace the character of Chris Brody, the son of soldier-turned-terrorist-turned-congressman-turned-international-fugitive Nicholas Brody, with an adorable puppy next season.  The decision to replace Chris Brody came after “Homeland” co-creator Howard Gordon realized the 13-year-old Chris had only nine lines of dialogue during the past two seasons, all of which were uninteresting and added nothing to the plot.


Damian Lewis, who plays Nicholas Brody on Showtime’s “Homeland,” gets acquainted with the newest member of the cast, a two-month old puppy who has been hired to replace Jackson Pace, the actor who played his son during the show’s first two seasons.

“I’ve seen characters on NBC’s ‘Whitney’ better written and more developed than Chris Brody,” Howard Gordon admitted to Hollywood & Swine.  “In hindsight we should have eliminated Chris instead of Issa, a boy that Brody actually enjoyed.  At least an adorable puppy will be fun to watch.”

Gordon says he isn’t afraid of viewer backlash over plans to ditch Chris Brody, since a recent study conducted by Showtime, discovered that the majority of “Homeland” viewers were unaware the Brody’s even had a son, and assumed Chris was just random neighborhood kid who occasionally hung around the Brody home.

In next year’s season three premiere, viewers will get their last glimpse of Chris Brody when he leaves home to go to CVS, the same pharmacy chain that made Carrie Mathison’s mother vanish, which was revealed in Sunday night’s season finale.  Later in the season three premiere, after Mike Faber unsuccessfully tries to find Chris, he returns home to Jessica Brody and her daughter Dina with an adorable puppy also named Chris.

Jackson Pace, the actor who has played Chris Brody, was furious after learning he was being replaced on “Homeland” by an adorable puppy, especially since he had hoped Season three viewers would finally get a chance to explore the hidden depths of Chris Brody, now that most of the other characters on “Homeland” were blown up in the season finale.