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Hugh Jackman Vows to Keep Beard Until After Academy Awards

Best Actor nominee Hugh Jackman has announced he will keep the beard he’s been constantly seen photographed with on the red carpet during awards season until after Sunday’s Oscars.  Jackman debated whether or not to go beardless at the Academy Awards, but felt he owed it to his beard, which has kept his masculine movie star image intact, even while he continues to profess his love of musicals.

Hugh Jackman

Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman and his beard attend another awards ceremony earlier this year.

“My ‘X-Men’ co-star Ian McKellan told me he believes his decision never to have a beard is the one thing that has kept him from winning an Oscar,” Jackman told Hollywood & Swine.  “I can’t tell you how excited my wife was when I told her my decision.  I can’t imagine not having my beard with me on the most important night of my career.”

Jackman admitted keeping his beard isn’t always easy and often wonders if he would be happier going beardless fulltime.  Following last month’s Golden Globes, Jackman caused a stir when fellow Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix got drunk and began inappropriately touching Jackman’s beard at an after party.  Jackman warned Phoenix to show his beard some respect, as security was forced to separate the Oscar nominees.

In related news, music mogul Clive Davis recently revealed in his new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life,” that he had a beard off and on throughout his career, but decided to go beardless permanently after his boyfriend demanded it.

  • Churchill4President

    Does anyone else get the hidden meaning in the headline?

    • Toph


  • HuggyBear

    “I can’t imagine not having my beard with me on the most important night of my career.”

    C’mom, H&S, don’t hide in the closet! Tell us what you really were implying with this beard article.