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Renny Harlin Correction Institute Inmates



Name:   Cameron Crowe
Crimes:   "We Bought a Zoo"
Name:   Bryan Singer
Crimes:   "Jack the Giant Slayer"
Name:   Len Wiseman
Crimes:   "Total Recall" Remake
Known Associates:    Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell,
Name:   Carl Rinsch
Crimes:   "47 Ronin"
Known Associates:    Keanu Reeves
Name:   McG
Crimes:   "This Means War"
Known Associates:    Reese Witherspoon
Name:   Oliver Stone
Crimes:   "Savages"
Known Associates:    Taylor Kitsch
Name:   Andrew Stanton
Crimes:   "John Carter"
Known Associates:    Taylor Kitsch
Name:   Joel Schumacher
Crimes:   "Trespass"
Known Associates:    Nicolas Cage
Name:   Rob Reiner
Crimes:   "Flipped"
Known Associates:    None
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