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Jason Statham Sets Guinness World Record for Most Times Playing the Exact Same Movie Character

Guinness World Records announced today that actor Jason Statham has entered the record books for most times playing the exact same movie character.  Statham set the record after once more playing his familiar role of the “likeable, bald badass,” in the new action film “Safe,” which opens tomorrow.

According to Guinness officials, Statham replaces Vince Vaughn, the previous record holder for his numerous times playing the “over confident, ad lib guy.”

jason statham guinness world records

Jason Statham seen leaving the Guinness World Records luncheon where he became the new record holder for playing the same movie character the most times.

Statham, who received his award today at the annual ceremony put on by Guinness, has starred as a likeable, bald badass in such films as “Transporter,” “Transporter 2,” “Transporter 3,” “Crank,” “Crank 2,” “The Expendables,” and the upcoming “The Expendables 2.”

During the awards luncheon Statham punched a man who set the record for “World’s Most Annoying Laugh,” which made the bald badass even more likeable to everyone else in the room.

“I am so grateful to be joining the esteemed ranks of such record holders as the most tattooed senior citizen, world’s heaviest pumpkin, and man with the world’s longest ear hair,” said Statham.  “I expect to keep my record going for many years, as my agents have already lined up several dozen films where I get to keep playing the same character.”

  • lexi

    sarcasm is the lowest form of witt!

    • Timmy

      but this is funny

      • Wayne Moyer

        Yeah seriously if you are a place called “Hollywood and Swine” you can’t expect a higher level of comedy. This was a funny piece for a new website.

  • http://www.facebook.com/renatoism Renato Ordonez

    I would have given the award to Michelle Rodriguez. Tough girl boxer, Tough girl Zombie fighter, tough girl surfer, tough girl racer, tough girl racer again, tough girl swat team member, upcoming tough girl racer again, tough girl zombie fighter turned zombie.

  • neemz2000

    “sarcasm is the lowest form of witt!”

    …and the highest form of intelligence.

    Or were you not aware of the second half of that Oscar Wilde quotation?

  • D Johnson

    Funny as heck. Especially since I have YET to sit thru one of his movies from start to finish. Now I have to go check youtube tho, to hear his annoying laugh though. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

  • Matt

    what about taylor kitsch, he plays taylor kitsch, every time

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  • Jake Corleone

    He does play the same character, but he does it rather well lol