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Jenny McCarthy Blames Jim Carrey’s Strange Behavior on Vaccinations

Jenny McCarthy, one of America’s most famous celebrity advocates against vaccinations, is now blaming them for ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey’s strange behavior, which, according to her, reached new levels of insanity when he appeared in a “Hee-Haw” video parodying dead actor Charlton Heston, to show his support for gun control.  McCarthy says Carrey’s behavior went from amusingly eccentric to obnoxiously outdated ever since he received a rabies vaccination in 2010, as a precaution against penguin bites while preparing to film the family comedy “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”

Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy blames Jim Carrey’s strange behavior, including this recent video he appeared in, on vaccinations.

“I first knew something was wrong when Jim gave up on his lifelong battle to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor,” McCarthy told Hollywood & Swine.  “Things got even worse, when like most of America, Jim couldn’t remember what I was famous for.”

McCarthy, who has been a controversial figure in the medical community for linking vaccines with causing autism, ended her five year relationship with Carrey in 2010, unable to handle his increasingly erratic behavior do to his rabies vaccination.  Carrey then made headlines in 2011, when he made a creepy video confessing his love for actress Emma Stone.  Carrey’s unpredictable behavior became hard to ignore in recent months when he publically battled for stricter gun control laws in between filming his ultra-violent vigilante film, “Kick-Ass 2.”

Medical experts now fear that McCarthy’s unproven allegations blaming Jim Carrey’s current behavior and lack of boxoffice success on vaccinations will scare off other movie stars from getting vaccinations that are vital to their health.

“She’s already scared Gerard Butler from getting his hepatitis vaccination,” a spokesperson for the Center for Disease Control said.  “I’ve seen some of the women Gerard Butler goes home with and it is important he gets that shot.”

  • martha chandler

    What he got the stupid vaccine?

  • georgewashlincoln

    gee i cant remember what jenny is famous for either! i must have the same thing jim has!or maybe jim is just stupid.

    • GlenninVirginia

      Bein’ nekkid at some point for some reason, I think.

      • NvidiaVsAti

        If Jim got naked, we’d laugh for all the wrong reasons.

        • hexxuss

          Search out him wearing Jenny’s bathing suit (bathing suit swap). Warning, you might need brain bleach to burn the image from your head after seeing it. You can thank me later lol.

  • JBnID

    He must have been stabbed by the numbnut needle at some point, but maybe me too. I never heard of his ex-hide.

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  • Katherine McChesney

    Not funny. Their campaign against vaccinations led to hundreds of thousands of deaths because of the measles outbreak.

    • moox

      Actually just over a thousand according to jennymccarthybodycount dot com

    • hexxuss

      If a vaccine is meant to stop the person getting it from getting ill, then anyone who is vaccinated can’t technically GET measles, and yet, those are the exact same people who DID get it… just like I got vaccinated against chicken pox, yet got it anyway, they’re not “preventing” anything – viruses will always mutate.

      • kellymbray

        Vaccines don’t always work 100%. Some people will not develop high enough titers against the disease. Those people would be in serious trouble if they got the actual disease as their body would have a much more difficult time fighting it off. The partial titers will still give some protection and the course of the disease will be milder. The massive drop in morbidity from VPD’s show that vaccines do “prevent” disease despite your lack of understanding.

  • IdontDrinktheKOOLaid

    Sorry, Jenny, but Jim Carrey was born that way, and so were you. Too much drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • crbtoo

    Well since he’s gotten a rabies vaccination least we know he won’t chew his hand off. But something else destroyed his brain long before that. He has been one of the most consistently unfunny comedian/actors out in a field over crowded with the unfunny, Mr, Carrey is a standout. The world would be a better place if he would just fade away like his career has.

  • socraticsilliness

    serious dramatic actor? I thought dumb and dumber was his attempt at serious acting-it couldn’t have been comedic, there were no laughs…

  • SoWhatBubb

    Carey, the high school drop out, seeks to impart his wisdom on America.
    Wow, imagine how much smarter he’ll be after he gets a GED.

  • hexxuss

    Did I miss his serious movie attempts, because I can’t remember a single one of them… as for his behaviour, I’m far more inclined to believe something akin to ‘midlife crisis’ or ‘premature dementia’ than I am on a rabies shot. Rabies & tetanus shots have been around for ages, and even though I demand that my son’s “MMR” get UN-bundled & given over a longer period of time (how it was back when I got them), I fully support getting the tetanus ones. The only warnings on preventative rabies in his situation would be if he was already ill with something, or if it was being done routinely (too often).

    • kellymbray

      There is no valid reason to unbundle the MMR vaccine. I have no idea what you are trying to say about the rabies vaccine. Penguins cannot carry rabies.

  • chris

    Last time I checked Jenny didn’t go to Med school. Sorry to say this but maybe if one of her goofball Hollywood friends dies from “her” med advice they’ll stop listening to her…