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Jerry Sandusky’s Attorney Relieved His Client Not Mentioned in Wimpy Kid’s Diary

Joseph Amendola, the attorney for convicted Penn State child molester Jerry Sandusky, admitted to Hollywood & Swine that he was at first alarmed to learn that a new diary of a wimpy kid was being released nationwide on Friday.

“When I heard someone was releasing another diary of a wimpy kid, I was convinced we were looking at a second trial,” Amendola said.  “Luckily it turned out to be just a movie.”

According to Amendola, upon first hearing news of the latest wimpy kid’s diary, he immediately went to Pennsylvania’s Centre County jail, where Sandusky is being held, to give his client the bad news.

Jail officials told Hollywood & Swine that Sandusky called his attorney a moron, informing him that the wimpy kid’s diary Amendola was confused about was in fact “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days,” the third installment in the popular Fox movie franchise.

Sandusky, who had seen the two previous “Wimpy Kid” films an estimated 756 times, pleaded with his attorney for a day pass from jail so he could see the newest installment based on the successful children’s book series.  Amendola explained to his client that there was a better of chance of Joe Paterno coaching Penn State’s opening football game this season than of Sandusky getting to see the film.

After leaving the jail, Amendola was asked by reporters about Sandusky’s current state of mind since being placed on suicide watch last week after discovering he missed the “Teen Choice Awards” (Hollywood & Swine, July 24, 2012).

“Mr. Sandusky is in a constant state of denial,” Amendola said.  “Not only does he think he’ll win on appeal, but he also believes the ‘Total Recall’ remake will actually be good.”

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