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John Travolta Submits Application to Boy Scouts of America to Become Troop Leader

On the heels of the Boy Scouts of America announcing they are considering lifting their ban on gays becoming scout leaders, movie star John Travolta wasted no time submitting an application to join the organization.  Travolta claims the timing of his application is mere coincidence and has nothing to do with the Boy Scouts lifting their ban on gays and instead is part of his research for the starring role of a scoutmaster in the just-announced remake of the 1966 film, “Follow Me, Boys!”, which starred Fred MacMurray.

John Travolta

Along with his application to become a Boy Scout troop leader, John Travolta, also enclosed a photo of himself dressed in his recently purchased uniform.

“Although, I’m not gay, I’m proud of the Boy Scouts decision to stop discriminating,” Travolta told Hollywood & Swine.  “A man shouldn’t be judged on his sexuality, but rather by his ability to give a good massage.  As a scout leader, I will gladly pitch a tent with any man, gay or straight.”

And Travolta isn’t the only Hollywood big name to send in an application to the Boy Scouts: Neil Patrick Harris, Chaz Bono, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy and Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, who made headlines after he made a man’s Gaydar explode back in November (Hollywood & Swine, November 6, 2012), have all applied to be Scout Leaders.

According to a spokesperson for the Boy Scouts of America, the organization is relieved to finally have some big names, since it had trouble recruiting A-list heterosexual stars because they felt an adult man in a boy scout uniform looked way too gay.

Unfortunately, for Travolta, the Boy Scouts of America is replacing their ban on gays with a ban on Scientologists after they read about the religion’s creepy practices in Lawrence Wright’s recently published book “Going Clear: Hollywood, Scientology, the Prison of Belief.”

In related news, several of Hollywood’s most powerful talent agencies, including CAA, WME, and UTA have finally reached a settlement with the Girl Scouts of America, whom the talent agencies sued last April over unpaid commissions stemming from cookies they helped their daughters sell (Hollywood & Swine, April 30, 2012).

  • Omen

    Really. Of course this really has nothing to do with the rumors. Absolutely nothing! Stop it, stop accusing him! Seriously his wife will get upset!

  • Bcnu

    Well on the up-side they can meet at Target now…..since Target won’t let the Boy Scouts sell popcorn for their fundraising because of their values….with NO values it will be a free for all…they can meet in the parking lot since they won’t be able to meet at churches anymore… daddy always said….” If it ain’t broke….don’t fix it.”

  • Eric Silva

    The photo of John Travolta in the Venturing uniform is an obvious Photoshop attempt, and not an authentic photo.

    • David Staples

      Hollywood & Swine is an obvious satire site…. Or so one would think.

      The bad Photoshopping is meant to offer a clue to the hard of thinking who might (for some reason) take these stories seriously.

      Clearly it isn’t working in some cases.

  • BillyBilly

    Satire fail: the BSA didn’t open up adult leadership to gays.

  • DeWayne Pratt

    This satire does have a great new twist to in in the wake of his pilot “coming out”!!!!

  • ned stark

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