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Lamar Odom Named New Face of ‘Got Milk?’ Ad Campaign

NBA and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Lamar Odom has been named the new face of the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign following his image appearing on thousands of Los Angeles milk cartons after TMZ reported that he had been missing for over 72 hours.  According to Odom’s agent Jeff Schwartz, his client is such a huge fan of milk, that he constantly used going out for it as his excuse to escape from wife Khloe Kardashian and her annoying family.

lamar odom

“My client has long dreamed of being the face of ‘Got Milk?,’ ” Schwartz told Hollywood & Swine.  “My client has also dreamed of breaking free from the Kardashians.”

This isn’t the first time Odom’s face has appeared on milk cartons in Los Angeles.  During his up-and-down playing career with the Lakers and Clippers, his teams would routinely put his image on them after he’d go missing on the basketball court during critical moments.

Schwartz also refuted rumors that his client’s reported disappearance was the result of being on a crack-cocaine binge.  Schwartz revealed the only binge Odom has gone recently is a milk binge, which is why he is currently held up in an undisclosed hotel room bathroom, dealing with stomach cramps, caused by his extreme lactose intolerance.

Kardashian matriarch and new daytime talk show host Kris Jenner expressed her concern for her son-in-law Odom’s whereabouts, which is why she has “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cameramen currently scouring the city searching for him.

“I was afraid this sort of thing would happen, which is why I insisted we put a tracker inside Kanye West,” Jenner said.  “I’m confident everything will work out.  If America can’t escape the Kardashians, what chance does Lamar Odom have?”

  • Maria Gonzales

    I truly think that this article is bullcrap, I do not believe that Lamar feels this way. You can only tell how much he loves his Khloe, I really do not believe this at all, that he is trying to get away from her and her family. If this were really true, he would just tell his wife that he wants out. He would not be a coward as to do it this way. Do not believe this at all!

    • Tatiana

      You’re a disgusting animal

      • Maria Gonzales

        Wow, Tatiana, what has you so angry to call me an animal. And a disgusting one at that! What have I done to you to make you so angry? I mean really!

        • Tatiana

          Eat shite and die.

          • Maria Gonzales

            Ok, I get it, its hard for you to write down some real anwsers here right? It is obvious you have MH issues. So sorry for you, for reals Tatiana. But I also have to say, you are one sick individual, the way that you speak to people you do not even know is proof of that. I will for sure pray for you tho!

          • Tatiana

            Who cares what you pray about? Jesus doesn’t listen to subhumans. Slash your wrists.

  • Erica

    What type of bullsh*t is this?

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