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Lindsay Lohan Blames Screen Actors Guild Nomination Snub on Bounced SAG Dues Check

After failing to receive a Screen Actors Guild nomination yesterday for her work in the universally panned TV movie, “Liz & Dick,” an angry Lindsay Lohan immediately blamed the snub on the fact that the guild has been holding a grudge against her since the check she wrote to cover her union dues bounced last week.

“I still don’t understand why it was necessary for SAG to deny me a well-deserved nomination,” Lohan told Hollywood & Swine.  “Especially since I told them not to cash the check until after my career took off again.”

Lindsay Lohan

After showing up at SAG’s headquarters to pay her dues by check, Lindsay Lohan was escorted out of the building by SAG president Ken Howard.

“Her bounced check had nothing to do with her not getting nominated,” SAG president Ken Howard countered.  “She’s just a horrible actress.  Besides, accepting a check from Lindsay Lohan is as foolish as accepting her offer to drive you home.”

Lohan’s publicist blamed her client’s bounced check on the fact that her bank accounts were seized by the IRS last week due to Lohan’s failure to pay her taxes.  But a spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Service told Hollywood & Swine they are not to blame, because they were only able to recover $18.56 from her bank accounts, which wouldn’t have been enough to cover the check she wrote to SAG.

But Lohan still believes she had a lock on getting a SAG nomination after explaining to critics and SAG members that “Liz & Dick” was actually a comedy and that her hilariously bad performance was done intentionally.  Though several critics did retract their negative reviews claiming that Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was the funniest female performance since Melissa McCarthy in last year’s “Bridesmaids,” it was not enough to sway SAG voters.

Upon hearing about Lohan’s SAG nomination disqualification, actor Charlie Sheen was furious, since he not only gave the actress one hundred thousand dollars to pay off her IRS bill, but also lent her the money to cover her SAG dues.

“I’m really let down by Lindsay,” Sheen said.  “This is the last time I ever give money to a woman who isn’t a hooker.”

  • RandyO.

    Jeez, that is just so hilarious. Sure hope Lindsay has a sense of humor.