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Man Who Started Infamous Richard Gere Gerbil Rumor Finally Apologizes

The man responsible for starting the notorious Richard Gere gerbil rumor in the early ’90s finally apologized to the actor Monday night for creating the urban legend that still haunts Gere to this day.  Wayne Matthews, a 35-year-old mechanic from New Mexico, attended the Hollywood Film Awards where Gere was being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award and begged for forgiveness for spreading the rumor that Gere was once rushed to an emergency room to have a gerbil removed from his body after a kinky sex act went horribly awry.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere and “gerbil rumor” creator Wayne Matthews moments after Gere accepted his apology.

When Gere heard the confession, the famous pacifist and Buddhist became enraged and attempted to strangle Matthews before being restrained by the night’s other award winners Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino.

“I got more grief from people over the years for that stupid gerbil rumor than I did for making ‘The Mothman Prophecies,’ ” Gere told Hollywood & Swine.  “And Cindy Crawford divorced me because she wanted a pet but couldn’t trust me with one.”

Gere said his worst moment came when he attended the premiere of Disney’s 2009 family film “G-Force,” but was ordered to leave by security after audience members refused to watch a movie about guinea pigs with Gere in the audience.

For years Gere blamed Sylvester Stallone for starting the malicious rodent rumor, but Matthews insists Stallone is innocent and that he’s responsible.   According to Matthews, the origin of the gerbil rumor began back in his hometown of Albuquerque in 1991 when the teenaged Matthews told it to his best friend to see how gullible he really was.  Matthews even went as far to convince his friend that the traumatic shock of the gerbil removal was what caused Gere’s hair to go prematurely gray.

Before Matthews knew it, the Richard Gere gerbil rumor spread across America and damaged the actor’s reputation forever.  Matthews kept his silence and lived with his guilt for over twenty years, until he heard about Gere receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award and decided it was time to finally make amends.

After calming down, Gere officially accepted Matthews apology and told him it’s time they both put the dreaded gerbil rumor behind.

“I’m a Buddhist so I have to forgive,” Gere said.  “It also means I believe in reincarnation so I’m hoping Matthews dies and comes back as a gerbil while I’m still alive.”

  • NeverEclipsed81

    I thought it was Sylvester Stallone that started the gerbil rumor. I remember him talking about it on Howard Stern.

  • Calgary Drew

    I remember how it wasn’t a rumour, it really happened, and this guy just wants 15 minutes of fame.

    • Hugh Intactive

      And your evidence – apart from homophobia – is…?

  • Mitch

    Unbelievably fake photo. You should be ashamed. Look at the mans forearm, clearly photoshopped.

    • Bryan Kelly

      Its supposed to look fake, no shit it isnt real…

    • borninmombasa

      Photo shopped ? My bosses’ birth certificate has been photo shopped too , but we never stuck a Gerbil up his rear end ,my nose has been up there several times but that’s it ,but hey I’m no Reggie Love so I don’t know for sure .

      • diablo135

        Photoshopped birth cert? So you work for Obama then.

        • borninmombasa

          yes I’m his V.P. Joe Biden, I represent change you can believe in . I’m also the original “creepy @ss cracker”

    • KarenSue

      Really? Photoshopped? Hellllllooooo????? Are you actually reading this site? Do you realize this is called humor or maybe sarcasm with humor thrown in?

    • suvonoge

      Part of the joke, bub. I’m guessing you’re boring weekend stories are getting all the laughs around the water cooler (sarcasm).

    • Derek Binion

      youre dumb

  • Bukko_Canukko

    Hey — I started that rumour! It’s just a rumour that Wayne Matthews did it. I bet the publicity-hound (publicity gerbil?) is trying to start a rumour campaign.

  • HuggyBear

    ”And Cindy Crawford divorced me because she wanted a pet but couldn’t trust me with one.”

    I almost spewed when I read that!

    • BillBeliCheat

      Totally True! Cindy was Leaving Some House With A Little Girl And Richard Gere Was Inside Staying Behind And The Girl Had A Hamster Up In Her Room, Cindy Refused To Leave The House With Richard Staying Home Alone With The Hamster, She Made Him Come With Her And Thats When The Trust Problems Started And Lead To Their Divorce No Shyt! PHUCKING SCREAM!

  • salad tosser

    “Oscar-nominated”? Gere was never Oscar-nominated. Way to do your homework, bitch!

  • Island Girl

    of course the photo is fake- do you think Richard would take the time to pose with this nim rod?? I love Richards comment at the end!!

  • Sess

    Haha wow. I know the guy in the photo, the actual person who’s photo they used.

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  • borninmombasa

    wow I started the rumor that Obama was actually born in Hawaii and it took off like wildfire ,there’s no limit on what B S folks will believe

    • BC1968

      2 years later and there’s a rumor that Ted Cruz is from Canada. Oh wait…

      • jasonwheeler97

        Oh, I heard that Cruz is transgendered.

  • Lacrobat

    I love the way that someone who thinks that’s a genuine quote from Gere at the end not only calls other people nimrods but also fails to spell “nimrod” correctly. Dumb Americans are now officially beyond parody.

    • John Miller

      You need to be careful who you call dumb. America could annihilate whatever pathetic nation you are from.

      • allykat

        John, Maybe, but not for pissing you off by calling Americans dumb.

      • bryoneill11

        and? They still fat and dumb as hell

      • jinksy

        You sound like Donald Trump’s publicist

  • Rosalee Adams

    oh my

  • Laserking151

    Don’t worry, Mr. Gere, you didn’t miss anything. G-force was shit.

  • Ki Ki

    Who writes these Article. They sound so untrue and stupid.

  • Derrick

    This is the most fake thing I’ve ever read; you didn’t even bother to make it sound convincing. You guys suck at writing faux articles; go back to writing class, wannabes.

  • Sarah_M547

    Ok, and then…? Richard Gere gerbil rumor spread across America and damaged the actor’s reputation forever (…) ♦&#104ttp://•

  • Cheryl ‘n Arizona

    You have the wrong decade. That rumor started in the 80s, when he became a household name. I remember the rumor as early as 1986.

    • ☆Master “2 Socks” Shake☆

      Do you have a tight bootyhole

  • robert

    Ok lets see the rumor was when I was in NY city and that was in the early 80s not in the 90s as this lying writer puts it. That would mean that I hear the rumors at least 30 years ago which means Wayne started the rumor at 5 years old . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Pat McBride

      Those 5yr olds can be harsh.

  • Carew

    Wait, Gere hopes Matthews dies and comes back as a gerbil while Gere is still alive? Why Richard? What are you planning on doing with said reincarnated gerbil Matthews?

  • pdqBach

    I think I just laughed my ass off. Excellent lampoon!

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  • Junkyard

    Really Richard I think that you need to fire your Publicist. That’s the best story you could come up with??? Lol.

  • Sensitive1

    This is insane! I cant imagine the pain poor Richard Gere had to endure becouse of this moron. He should be sued for slander! Shame on you inconsiderate jerks who find humor in the article!

  • adam thompson

    In the mid 1980’s they used to tell this same rumor about Extra news host Jerry Penacoli when he was a Philly broadcaster and it was found out to be a LIE back then. I always thought this was a STUPID CORNEY story and only some WEIRD IDIOT could make up such GARBAGE!!!!!

  • allykat

    In Vegas many years ago, it was supposed to be a Pepsi bottle in the kiester and the guy was the car dealer. I will leave the name out.

  • Rex

    So…the guy is 35 years old, and he started the rumor some 20 odd years ago. So that would mean a teenager ignited this urband legend in the early 90’s…a teenager. I know you guys are a fake “news” source, but if you’re going to take the time to waste other people’s time, at least try to do your homework and make it sound somewhat believable. The Onion wannabe hacks.

  • Albert

    If u ever heard the rumor Of Aerosmith god wats his name the big mouth dude…I spread the rumor that he had sperm in his stomach after giving head. ..I was in seventh grade.

  • Albert


  • Breckmin

    It is strange that I have a letter dated December 3, 1989 that my biological mother wrote to me for my 26th birthday (i was adopted) where she claims two large white men in suits took Richard Gere up to the third floor of a hotel (where they had filmed pretty woman or were still filming it) on N. Las Palmas Ave in Hollywood (between Highland Ave and Cherokee Ave) where she lived after she was no longer homeless (the place was a real dump. I went there in 1990). She claims that “they” (here comes the nonsense illuminati conspiracies) put a gerbil up his rectum (she used the “a” word) and spread the rumor that Richard Gere did it as something sexual. I thought she was crazy in her letter. I only mention it because it was 1989 when she said the event took place…. NOT 1991. We know it HAD to of happened before 12/03/89. So someone is lying here or getting details wrong. The men she said were in dark suits… government agents, mobsters, whatever (they were somehow teaching Richard Gere some sort of consequences for not perfectly complying with them or someone above them – I did not believe her story (and still don’t). She said Gere went to Cedar Sinai Hospital near the Beverly center (not in her letter but on the phone to me probably in 1990 after we discussed the letter). There’s more to her story. How old was this guy in November of 1989?

    • Breckmin

      and when was Pretty Woman filmed at the Las Palmas location? Would be interesting to research.

  • tweety bird

    I can’t believe I actually clicked on this stupid article. I will have to have my sanity checked. The whole article reeks of bullsh*t.

  • Grant J

    Word has it that an Australian writer has produced a script for the next Alien movie. Alien Prodigy.

  • Acerman66

    This story is all bullshit! This rumor started in Vancouver B.C! A Canadian Doctor removed a dead gerbil from Richard Gere’s ass. Richard was filming a movie in Vancouver at the time 1990

  • Orenthal

    The rumor started in Philadelphia in 1982, but it was a newscaster named Jerry Penacoli who had the gerbil troubles. His gay boyfriend drove him to Baltimore to have the gerbilectomy (hoping Baltimore medical workers wouldn’t recognize him). In any case, the news spread, and Penacoli was forced out of Philadelphia. Later, the story somehow attached itself to Richard Gere.

  • BK Twain

    That guy is lying. I have no I’dea who actually started the rumor but the first time I ever heard it was in 1989. I was a freshman in college. I remember how shocked I was.

  • E;f

    Right, Geer pays a guy to say Geer isn’t homo.

  • E;f

    This is a total BS article.

  • big dingus

    LMAO you guys it’s satire ,but some don’t realize that 🙂 But I must say back in the early 90s Richard Gere was buying a lot of anal lube and Gerbils. At that time I cashed in on the Hollywood craze of ramming Gerbils up their butts. Sean penn bought hundreds of gerbils from me LOL

  • BillBeliCheat


  • Siran82

    I do
    remember a false belief since childhood that, Americans come to be way
    different than others in avoiding to be dramaqueeens, yellow page
    followers and tabloid writers/readers/headliners. Richard Gere is a nice
    creature and some have been going mean to him as well as teasing him
    for years now. this is hugely unfair, and it’s up to you whether to keep
    on being involved with such pathetic yellow news/articles or to get up
    and do something valuable for ppl in need for ppl being disparaged,
    those who don’t have enough food to survive, those who are infected by
    viral diseases or are feeling like mentally ill (schizopghreniacs,
    Autistic children, or those childs with Down syndrome…) and so so so
    ……many other cases who are suffering readily right now as we speak