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Massachusetts Man with Great Movie Idea Still Keeping It to Himself So Nobody Will Steal It

James Ward, a 44-year-old electrician from Dorchester, Massachusetts who came up with a great movie idea more than four months ago, has yet to reveal a single plot detail to anyone, including his family and closest friends, out of fear that someone will steal it.  According to Ward, he became paranoid about people stealing his great movie ideas two years ago, when he told friends about his concept for an action movie centered about the White House being taken over by terrorists, which eventually the writers of both “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” ripped off.

movie idea

“Sadly, I watched both of those horrible movies, and I know my idea was much better,” Ward told Hollywood & Swine.  “This time I’m not saying a word about my idea until I finish writing up a treatment and register it with the WGA.”

Ward’s family and friends admit he has given out a few hints about his great movie idea including:

— It’s a four quadrant movie.

— There’s a great role for Mark Wahlberg in it.

— The ending leaves an opening for a sequel.

— Potential for unlimited merchandising tie-ins.

Upon hearing details of Ward’s idea, Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg immediately expressed interest in signing onto Ward’s untitled project.

“I know after doing ‘Pain and Gain’ and ‘Broken City,’ I should read the script before I believe someone when they tell me there’s a good role in it for me,” said Wahlberg, who is fully recovered following last year’s injury after he attached himself to too many projects (Hollywood & Swine, February 6, 2012).  “But that’s the great thing about appearing in four movies a year, you can afford to take chances.”