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Matt Damon Arrested After Smuggling Contraband to Cameron Crowe in Director Jail

Actor Matt Damon has been arrested for trying to smuggle a copy of the screenwriting software, Final Draft, to director Cameron Crowe, who is serving a seven-year sentence for “We Bought a Zoo” and “Elizabethtown” at the Renny Harlin Correctional Institute in Bakersfield, Ca.

Officers at the prison said that Damon, who recently starred in “Zoo,” hid the software inside a burrito he purchased outside the prison, while waiting to visit the  Oscar-winning filmmaker.   “We are outraged by Mr. Damon’s behavior,” said an officer.  “These directors are behind bars for a reason.  They have a debt to repay to society.”

Fellow inmate Joel Schumacher, who is serving a life sentence, witnessed the whole incident.  “Damon sat down across from Cameron and they started chatting.  Then Damon appeared to slip something to Cameron under the table and that’s when the guards intervened.  Cameron was screaming hysterically as they pried the copy of Final Draft from his hands.”

Damon was released on his own recognizance and declined to comment on the incident.

Crowe, who was taken to solitary confinement, was unavailable for comment, but did manage to channel one of his favorite directors, Billy Wilder, who stated, “Nobody’s perfect.”

  • Concerned Party

    Well, obviously Damon should be charged, if he tried to make Crowe use Final Draft instead of Fade In.

  • Another party with sudden surging concern

    None of htem should be shared. They should be free. Free like Trelby is for screenwriters!