Bradley Manning

Michelle Williams to Play Whistleblower Bradley Manning in Upcoming Biopic

Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams has signed on to play United States soldier and Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning in his recently announced biopic, “It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time.”  According to Williams, she was approached by the film’s producers to star as the controversial soldier due to her incredible acting ability and for the fact at 5’4″ she was one of the only actors in Hollywood small enough to play the pint-sized Manning.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams will play Bradley Manning in upcoming biopic.

“When I played Marilyn Monroe, it took a lot of work to transform myself physically into her on screen,” Williams told Hollywood & Swine.  “Fortunately, all I have to do to play Bradley Manning is to throw on an army uniform and not work out as much.”

“It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time” will focus on Bradley Manning’s decision to give classified military documents to the website Wikileaks in 2010, which led to his eventual arrest and conviction.  Discovering Williams will play him was a bittersweet moment for Manning, who apologized for hurting his country during his sentencing hearing yesterday, where he’s facing up to 90 years in prison.

In related news, Kimberly Peirce, the Oscar-nominated director of “Boys Don’t Cry” has signed onto direct Williams in the Manning biopic.

“I always thought boys don’t cry until I saw a picture of Manning testifying at his sentencing hearing,” Peirce said, who went onto to explain why she’s the perfect director for this project.  “I know what it’s like to do something because you believe millions of people will praise you for it, only to have it wreak havoc on your career.  I did after all direct the box-office flop, ‘Stop-Loss.’ ”