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After ‘Million Dollar Arm’ Flops, Jon Hamm Returns to India to Find Hit Script

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Following the disappointing boxoffice for the new Disney sports film, “Million Dollar Arm,” which opened to an unimpressive $10.5 million, the film’s star and “Mad Men” actor, Jon Hamm, has announced he is immediately departing for India in hopes of finding the next big screenplay that will finally make him a movie star.  According to Hamm, he came up with the idea of going to Bollywood to find a hit script in which he could star in while sitting in an empty theater this past weekend watching “Million Dollar Arm,” which tells the story of a man who heads to India to save his career.

jon hamm“The boxoffice tally for ‘Million Dollar Arm’ is almost as depressing as this season of ‘Mad Men,” Hamm told Hollywood & Swine.  “Disney told me they haven’t been this disappointed in a TV actor’s boxoffice ability since former ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ actor Bob Crane starred in their 1973 boxoffice flop, ‘Superdad.'”

Although Disney and Hamm admitted how despondent they are that “Million Dollar Arm” didn’t turn out to be the blockbuster they had hoped it would, the film’s director Craig Gillespie is ecstatic that “Million Dollar Arm” had a bigger opening weekend than the three previous films he’s directed.

“I’m proud I made good on my promise to Jon Hamm and the executives at Disney, that ‘Million Dollar Arm’ would be the most successful film I’ve ever directed,” said Gillespie.  “Unfortunately for Jon and Disney, the three films I was comparing it to were ‘Mr. Woodcock,’ ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ and my 2011 ‘Fright Night’ remake.”

  • Jeff Williams

    I knew it would flop. The script was unreadably boring. I read it back in early 2012 and wondered why CAA was still trying to package it. If Jon Hamn is going to Bollywood that means CAA only has their typical bad scripts written by the velvet mafia and drug addict buddies. I personally think looking outside of hollywood for better material is a great idea. Jon is a very talented actor and he personally had his battles with over paid non creative hollywood producers during his casting of mad men. I think he will be a huge success because talent drives good films and make them successful not sleazy agents or producers.

  • spongeblog

    This is reallyfunny!