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More People Mistakenly Went to House Not Owned By George Zimmerman Than Intentionally Went to Last Spike Lee Movie

A report released jointly today by Florida police and the Motion Picture Association of America shows that more people mistakenly showed up at the Florida house not owned by George Zimmerman than went to “Miracle at St. Anna,” the last theatrical feature directed by Spike Lee.

According to the study, 15 people showed up at the house looking for Zimmerman, which is six more than the nine who intentionally bought a ticket for Lee’s movie when it was released in 2008.

Upon hearing of the report, Lee immediately announced plans to open his latest film, “Red Hook Summer,” at a Brooklyn movie theater where Lee claims Zimmerman is now living.

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Spike Lee plans to open his latest film, "One Hook Summer," at this Brooklyn theater where Lee says George Zimmerman is now living.

The announcement follows Lee’s mistakenly tweeting the wrong address thought to be Zimmerman’s, the neighborhood watch guard who shot and killed a Florida teenager, wreaking havoc on the home’s real owners, David and Elaine McClain.

“I know I tweeted the wrong address before, but this time I got it right,” Lee told Hollywood & Swine. “I hope once people come looking for George Zimmerman, they’ll stay and watch ‘Red Hook Summer,’ which I still haven’t been able to get a distributor for.”

Lee says he has no explanation for how Zimmerman happened to end up living at the one theater in the world showing his movie, but he says he welcomes him with open arms, especially if his appearance will help bring in customers for his latest movie, which was received poorly at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

“I hope he stays, so I can start start screening ‘Miracle at St. Anna’ at midnight shows,” Lee added.

Since originally tweeting the wrong address, Lee has settled with the McClains.  The settlement included a financial payout and a DVD collection of every film Lee has made.

“The bad news is that our house was recently burglarized,” said Elaine McLain. “The good news is that the burglar stole our DVD player.”