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Movie Stars Fire Publicists after Boston Bomber Lands ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Before Them

On the heels of Rolling Stone Magazine’s controversial decision to put accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of their August issue, a slew of A-list movie stars, including “Avatar’s” Sam Worthington immediately fired their publicists outraged that a 19 year-old murderer without a SAG card landed the coveted “Rolling Stone” cover before they did.

sam worthington 2

According to Worthington, he was promised by his publicist that he would land on the cover of “Rolling Stone” when the publication ran out of interesting movie stars, musicians, or politicians to put on the cover first.  But the magazine’s editors went back on their word, skipping right over him in favor of the accused killer of an 8-year-old boy.

“I starred in ‘Avatar,’ the most successful movie of all-time, so that should count for something,” Worthington told Hollywood & Swine.  “But If being responsible for a bomb qualifies you for the cover of Rolling Stone, then I should’ve been on it after ‘Man on a Ledge’ was released.”

Dzhokar has always dreamed of being on the cover of “Rolling Stone” since he was a young boy, but feared he would never see his dream come true do to his lack of talent.  Dzkohkar never gave up hope, which is one of the reasons he ran over and killed his brother and bombing partner, Tamerlan Dzhokar — he wouldn’t have to share the cover if it was ever offered.

“My story isn’t that far different than some of my peers who appeared on the previous covers of ‘Rolling Stone,’” Dzhokhar said.  “Jewel slept in her car before she appeared on the cover.  I slept in a boat, until the SWAT team shot it up and captured me.”