NBC Orders Five Additional Scripts of ‘Whitney’; Prays at Least One is Funny

NBC announced it has ordered an additional five scripts for their sophomore sitcom “Whitney,” and is nervously praying that at least one of them is funny.  Despite low ratings and poor reviews during its first season, NBC decided to renew the sitcom starring comedian Whitney Cummings for reasons no one at the network can explain.


NBC executive Owen Hobbs seen in his office praying for at least one funny “Whitney” script.

“We’re not asking for ‘Seinfeld’ funny, just that it be more amusing than our failed ‘Munsters’ reboot,” NBC’s VP of comedy development Owen Hobbs told Hollywood & Swine.  According to Hobbs, New York Times statistician Nate Silver, who correctly called the results of last Tuesday’s Presidential election, was hired by the network to figure out the chances of of any of the “Whitney” scripts being remotely funny.

“Unfortunately, Nate told us there’s a nine percent chance, but we’re still holding out hope,” Hobbs said.  “His statistics also revealed that America doesn’t really want to watch Whitney Cummings on a weekly basis.”

During the show’s hiatus, network executives discussed numerous ways to improve “Whitney,” including not using a laugh track like the comedy series “Modern Family” and “The Office.”  That idea was quickly scrapped when confused test audiences thought the show was a drama, after not finding any amusing moments.

In an effort to add some comedy to “Whitney,” NBC executives asked their “Celebrity Apprentice” star Donald Trump to guest star playing a buffoonish billionaire horribly addicted to attention.  Trump, however rejected the offer, choosing instead to guest star on NBC’s drama series “Revolution,” hoping his appearance would spark the real-life revolution he called for earlier in the week after President Obama was re-elected.